Linfield College-McMinnville Campus Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is that the dining commons food got really boring really quickly for me since I am living on campus and had to eat there everyday.


We have an online system that some of the professors use for posting assignments and quizzes called BlackBoard. Sometimes it can be difficult to use and easy to get lost in. Things occasionally get lost between the teacher's posting and the student's recieving end and vice versa. It isn't that bad but this is one of the common complaints of students. Not all professors use it though so some students are lucky enough not to encounter it.


I believe the worst thing about my school is that it is starting to sell out to big corporations.


The worst thing would have to be Dillin, which is the cafeteria. There food is not very good and they tend to make the same things over and over so it can get boring. They have a little food store called Catty Shack which isn't bad where you can get a killer sandwhich. Dillin would be better because they have really good cooks except I think the material they are given is not very good.


The food for the price you pay for it is awful and though the town is cute and small, sometimes, it's too small.


While some might say that the worst thing about their school is the price, or the people there, or even the place that it is in. For me however, the worst thing about my school is the fact that I do not get to see my family every day. Even though both my parents and siblings are very busy, we would spend time together every evening. To me that time meant relaxing and catching up with my family.


Some of the "general ed." graduation requirements are a little tricky to fit into your schedule and fulfill, while others are way too easy.


The worst thing about my school would have to be not enough major/options in the Healthcare field.


The pros of small school size outweigh the cons, however there is one thing that bothers me about being at a small school: It can be really hard to take all the courses you want. Many are only offered one term every other year and conflict with something else you need to take. Also, the meal plan totally cheats you out of your money by forcing you to pre-over-pay for 9 buffet meals a week. Then, the buffet meals are really gross.


The worst thing about my school is its location, nearly 45 minutes away from any metropolitan city (nearest being Portland) and on weekends, there is not much to do at all, in terms of social life.


Not offering every course each semester. There are so many classes that I want to take for my major, but I won't be able t fit them into my 4 year plan.


A couple downsides to Linfield would have to be that we are sort of in our own little bubble and tend to not be aware of everything going on outside of the college. There is also a lot of low income families that live around Linfiled, and because of that there is a higher rate of crime than there should be.


The worst thing about my school is that it is way too small. It doesn't even have 2,000 people so it's high school all over again in a way. You see the same faces everyday at the main dining hall. On the weekends, you see the same people at the parties and get-togethers. The small amount of people translates into not that many women which means the pickings are slim. It would be nice to see different people everyday and interact with many different people.


The administration's inflexibility in dealing with out of state students and their need to move in early and move out later to accomodate traveling schedules and avoid hotel rates, and especially their complete lack of help in negotiating storage spaces and dealing with summer and winter storage concerns. Their airport shuttles are few and must be reserved months and months in advance.


The town that it's located in is very small, so to get away for a day or a weekend requires a 45 minute or longer drive.


There is a limited amount of racial diversity and sometimes the weekends can be a little quite because people go home and the campus is small so there isn't something going on all the time that is super interesting, but they do a good job trying.


Very select professors are too set in their own ways and can make a subject that if taught by another professor would be a lot better. This does not happen a lot but my advice to students that come to the school to take the advice of their Peer Advisor and other students and stay away from thoes select professors. Like i mentioned before, it rarely happens. In my 3 years here i have only had 2 professors like this. Alll the other professors are phenomenal.!!


I think that the lack of class diversity is the worst thing about Linfield because, since Linfield is small, they can only offer so many courses. Example: Psychology 101 is very popular, and over 200 people sign up for it, but they won't have more than 2 classes (80 students total) per semester. I would think that if a class was in high demand, you'd offer it more often. Also, if you are interested in one of the smaller departments, you may need to take classes over again because they can't create a new one.