Linfield College-McMinnville Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who is self-motivated, goal oriented, and outgoing. Linfield is a small college where students get to know each other well, and it is a tight-knit community. A person who likes small classes, professor support, and familiarity should most definitely attend Linfield.


Someone who is self driven and organized. A student who likes a small school and small class atmosphere, where everyone knows who you are.


Someone with diverse interests and a commitment to academics. It's to expensive to come here to party! Someone who puts learning first but isn't afraid of get out and meet people and have fun. Someone who is not afraid to get friendly with their neighbors.


a person who likes to learn inside and outside the classroom


A person who attends lifnield college should be friendly. Everyone here says hello to everyone else, even if they don't know each other! Also, people at linfield are interested in their education and higher learning, and they like to work with each other to learn and discover new things. Someone who likes to meet new people and try new things should attend Linfield. Perhaps most of all, Linfield is home to students who are able to have fun while still maintaing a serious focus on their education.