Linfield College-McMinnville Campus Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Some of the student organizations can feel a bit clique-ish in the leadership areas. LAB - Linfield Activities Board is pretty diverse, but ASLC - Associated Students of Linfield College is a student elected board that can feel a bit like an extension of greek life at times. This is not to say that they play favoritism or that it reeks of nepotism, but as someone who tried to be hired for a position by the board and was passed up for a lesser qualified but better connected underclassman, it can be frustrating at times.


I honestly have not come across anything frustrating during my first semester at Linfield College. The only thing I can think of is selecting classes, and that is going to be frustrating at almost any institution. Students are not always aware of which classes should be taken in sequence, and therefore are required to switch classes frequently during the semester.


The most frustrating thing about my school is trying to find rides off campus. In the city of McMinnville, there is no public transportation system. There is a shuttle that takes you to some cities, but students will have to mainly find rides. But there are rides to the airport during busy travel times which is very convenient. Many students do offer rides through a Ride Share program which is very convenient.


The meal plans. They are required if you are living in the dorms, they are inflexible and expensive and unrealistic, and the staff refuses to offer better ones. I paid for nine meals per week as required and ate probably 5 of them.


The rain. But you get used to it. Now my friends and I run around in rain boots in the pouring down rain until we look like drowned cats. We especially like to go late at night!


Honestly, the most frustrating thing about my school is the rain. At least it was when the rainy season first started last year. You kind of get used to it raining after a while - just get a good pair of rain boots and a waterproof jacket. Now my friends and I will go out when its pouring down rain and run around campus until we look like drowned rats! Somehow, we manage to have fun out of doors in all weather.


Sometimes it's frustratingly small. It gets old seeing the same people all the time especially if you want to try and avoid someone. Also there isn't a whole lot to do in McMinnville and campus is pretty dead on weekends and holidays because everyone goes home. It's also frustrating dealing with power tripping, napoleon complex having campus security guys who think they have a license to be D-bags.


The lack of diversity in the courses. I've visted other campuses which offer a lot of elective courses which Linfield doesn't necessarily offer, probably because of our size. Its also frusterating that there are "fees" for just about everything, like paying a $60 fee everytime you take yoga.


The meal plan. Thats probably it.


That there never seems to be enough time to become involved in all the clubs and activities that you want to. Often there are either no activities to do on a weekend, or there are too many on one weekend to attend them all. It's also hard to focus on studying with so many options for social life.


Probably, the most frustrating thing would be the amount of money I'm paying. 35 thousand dollars is a LOT and I expect a LOT in return. You know, if anything goes wrong the first thing out of anyone's mouth is "For $35,000 I should be getting into any class I want."


It rains. All the time and can get depressing if there is no extra cirricular activity taking place.