Linn-Benton Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Linn-Benton Community College?


Students attending LBCC should first come prepared with a mentality that their success and their own level of potential achievement, rests within their own hands. They should understand that without hard work and dedication, they're success may be limited. But if they recognize their own personal responsibility to themselves and attend this school with a self-induced flame at their backs, LBCC will take them much further than they might ever have anticipated. LBCC is warm and inviting and prospective students should come with friendly hearts, open minds, and an eagerness for the life-long friendships that await them.


You should go to this school if you are someone who is interested in going into research and moving over to Oregon State University, in the neighboring town of Corvallis, which is a fantastic research university.


Any person wanting to gain a higher education should attend Linn-Benton Community College. There are classes for degree seeking students, as well as classes for personal enrichment. The only person I would not suggest attending this school, or any other school for that matter, is the person that is going to college because someone else is forcing them to attend. If you have a desire to go to college, spend less money while doing so, and go to a school with a positive environment, then Linn-Benton Community College is for you. If you have a heartbeat, then come!


everyone who wants a nice small collage thats close to osu and ypu can take advantage of the agreement that lbcc has with osu