Lipscomb University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A wonderful Christian campus that has a friendly and laid back environment.


A beautiful christain campus.


It is a Christian college where students can grown spiritually, intellectually, and socially.


A spritual yet realistic place to further education.


Lipscomb University is a fantastic school that is dedicated to providing a fun community and listens to the students wants and needs also providing top help to students recieving a top education because they want students to succeed.


Lipscomb University is a small, private, Christian college that promotes learning in surroundings that help you get the best education you can, no matter your major.


Lipscomb University is a school of many opportunities and experiences.


My school is a diverse school, friendly and full of scholars.


Lipscomb has a beautiful campus and a serene atmosphere.


A service-heavy, academically focused, small school.


Unique close community of Christian brothers and sisters working together to accomplish their goals for their life.


My school is a liberal christian college in the conservative South. It's fun here, but also limited. I am not from the South by any means, so I don't completely fit in; I am here for my education rather than the fun.


Lipscomb University delivers a complete education characterized by a distinctive integration of Christian faith and practice with academic excellence.


Lipscomb is a Christian university that promotes learning real world issues in a biblical enviroment.


Lipscomb is a great school. With its location 10 minutes outside of Nashville TN, there is an infinite number of things to do, both on and off campus. The faculty is amazing and the classes are small, which is a good combination. It's really cool when the teacher actually care about you as a person instead of someone who just turns in papers. The sprititual life at Lipscomb is great too. Most of the students are there not only to get their degree, but to grow in their relationships with God as well.


My school has it's bad aspects, but I really love attending it and they are constantly improving and rennovating the campus in all areas: academically and residentially.


Church of Christ affiliated community with good-hearted professors.

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