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I would not consider this to be very unique about this school since there are other just like this out there; however, if I were to choose, it would be that Lipscomb University is a Christian, specificly a Church of Christ school. This is because the values of Christians teaching and values are used to help people engage and understand each other. It makes my experience that much more enriching.


The Christian background, proffessors and outstanding campus.


Compared to the other schools that I considered as a high school senior, Lipscomb was a lot more serious about its Christian faith than any of the other schools I looked at. The other schools I looked at were all considered Christian schools, but Lipscomb was the only one that required students to take Bible classes, attend chapels, give back to the community through service, and act in a way that is in accordance with what the Bible teaches.


Do not go to Lipscomb if you want a quality education. The only people that should enroll at Lipscomb are those that have the money to buy a degree and are not intelligent enough to earn one at a real school.


I considered Harding University, Lipscomb has a better music program.


This school is a waste of money for anyone who does not want to live in a bubble. The tuition is high and there is no way to leave loan free if your parents are surgeons or big-time lawyers


Each student within the University is unique. They care greatly about others who are less fortunate. The campus outreaches to the community and goes on many mission trips. We are a community that cares about each every person.


Small, you see people you know everyday at school.


Focus on Christian life as opposed just to a career.


It's a fairly small school. It gives it a small town feel in the middle of a big city. It has a very welcoming, "homey" community.


I only considered Lipscomb.


Lipscomb is a Christian college and it is in Tennessee whereas I looked at a state school in Florida. Lipscomb was by far the better choice and I am so glad I ended up there!!

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