Lipscomb University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Academics overall are pretty good, most teachers seem to make their classes way harder than they should, but some are willing to help. Good academics, but Nashville offers much better for around the same price


The school is difficult in certain programs. In the college of business, a typical week will be filled with both classes and studies. The classes in my major were small. This is an excellent advantage as many of my professors became mentors and the class dynamic encouraged discussion and debate.


Most of the professors are good people. However, I have only met 2 that are good teachers. This is my fifth semester here so I have been around the block a time or two. Classes that should be objective are made to be subjective. This allows the faculty to make sure the children of families that donate money pass with flying colors while the rest of us finish out the bell curve of grade distribution. My proof is in the fact that 4 out of 5 papers I received a C on have now been published, without any changes, by professional journals. I have also submitted for publication papers from fellow students that received A's. Not one of the 23 papers has been published but interestingly these students all come from families with a history of donating to the school.


The professors are great and very understanding. They will do anything to help you, even having study sessions at their houses. Classes are small and involve a lot of participation. You are required to take 6 Bible classes and most students dread them as Freshmen, but they are actually interesting no matter your faith.


The school academics are simple enough. They way to truly make it through Lipscomb is to never allow any faculty to know that you graduated from public school. You may also want to have a checkbook ready.

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