Lipscomb University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Basketball is HUGE at Lipscomb. People never party. People go to bed before 12am, always. There are no fraternities just "Social Clubs"


There is plenty to do as long as you like kool aid, cookies, and bad singing. It is a church school so I understand they want everything to reflect a church like atmosphere. But, the Christian school front is really just for marketing to parents and an excuse to have their hand in everyone's business. Social life at Lipscomb is a joke. Most of the students portray themselves as future preachers on campus. However, DUI's, aborted pregnancies, and excessive drug use are okay as long as you pay the Lipscomb fine and they are able to keep it out of the media.


Lipscomb doesn't have sororities or fraternities per se, but social clubs which are basically the same thing except not nationally affiliated. Many people diss them and say they are just knock off greek, but being in a social club has been great and you get to know so many people. Not many social events happen on campus, but there is always something to do.


Social clubs are major on campus, but if you are not white, rich, or completely stuck up, you will be alone.

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