Lipscomb University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


In the sense of big picture, I think the school outpaces any southern public school and many private schools. The school offers an excellent mix of curriculum and professors with real world experience (at least in the business program). Much of my professional career can be attributed to the amount of influence that the school has in the Nashville community, which offered me a stepping stone to Wall Street.


They want your money. If you do not have cash to hand over to them on a consistent basis then go somewhere else. Here's a little rundown of the extra costs they don't tell you about. Not fulfilling your chapel requirement = $1000.00 (I am sure giving an extra grand to Lipscomb makes God happy) Student loan processing fee = $200-$600 (Basically what ever they can keep without making a scene) Printing = $200-$400 per semester. (They have started using online books for several classes. Many schools have done this but the printers do not reproduce quality copies which forces students to reprint several times and Lipscomb makes money on reprints)


Lipscomb is a very tight knit community where everyone knows everyone. The key to loving Lipscomb is getting involved. Once you get involved and get to know the ends and outs, you will have a blast. The teachers and staff care so much about the students and will do anything to help you. Lipscomb is a great place to learn and grow and has a place for everyone if you get involved.


The school is too small. Small school equals closed minds. The school is in a good location- only 10 minutes away from ANYTHING you need.

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