Lipscomb University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone that is not serious about pursing a higher education. Classes are serious and require a highly motivated individual to get the homework done and make a good grade on tests. If a person is not motivated, and comes to this school, they will fail.


The kind of person that shouldn?t attend this school is a person who isn't Christian and is serious about their religion because it?s a Christian school. A person who wants to party a lot and who wants to do crazy things. It?s a pretty quiet school and so if you?re the type who loves to be loud and have everyone around you loud than it isn?t the school for you.


Any type of person can attend this school.


Someone who like to party and drink a lot should not attend this school.


Some one who wants to go to a big school.


A Person who is looking for a good time party school should not look at Lipscomb University. Someone who is not willing to go the extra mile for their community should also not attend. If someone is looking for a place to go where they can sleep late, not attend classes, and survive off of others notes, they should not look at Lipscomb because attendance matters, and you will not be able to survive without participating in class.


Someone who has no goal of succeedeing at finding a job someday


Anyone who isn't: middle to upper class, straight, conservative, Christian, or preppy.


Well, Lipscomb University is a Christian based school so there are required bible classes and chapel. So, someone who hates religion might stay away, but the campus is widely open to anyone, and will support almost any kind of lifestyle


A person should not attend Lipscomb if they are not open to new ideas mainly concerning religion. Also, if you expect easy A's, not going to find that here!


They type of person that would not be suited for Lipscomb University is someone who likes big schools. Lipscombs has around 2,800 undergraduate students. Also, there are no nationally recognized faternities.


People who don't want to go to class everyday or attend chapel everyday shouldn't attend this school since role is taken and required as a part of the grade. Also failure to attend chapel will put you on probabtion. Also people looking to party on campus should not attend this school since it is both alcohol and tabacco free. Any alcohol found on campus will lead to probation. If you have 2 probations you are suspended for a semester.

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