LIU Brooklyn Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


health sciences, sports and blackbird pride. This school is very dedicated to students getting ahead. being private it is important to seek financial opportunities especially if you are an independent student like myself without any outside help from yourself.


nursing programs


Long Island University-Brooklyn Campus is known for their great Pharmacy PhD and Nursing programs. Math and science is the main focuses of our ambitions from academics, our Black Bird pride shines through our campus even on the cloudiest days. The sports team, both men and women are determined athletes in their area of sports such as Lacross, basketball, softball, volleyball etc. We are also known for having the second most safiest college in the nation. That statistic was recently posted in the NY newspaper and which i am very proud of to say i attend.


My school is best known for having a diverse group of people.


Long Island University is best known for it's student and faculty diversity. In fact, such diversity is a source of pride, as "We believe that when people of different backgrounds come together on the common ground of intellectual pursuit, they enrich their lives as well as others". This inclusion of and appreciation for multicultural learning has gained LIU the reputation of being a supportive, eclectic 'bridge' to education and success.


My school was best known for its nursing program and pharmacy school.


Overall, I would say this school is very well rounded. However, it is mainly known for the outsatanding Pharmacy program is offers. There are people all over the world that come here just for an eductaion in this field. While it is very competetive, it meets the necessary critea to be an accreditied college of Pharmacy.


Pharmacy program.




pharmacy and health care jobs