LIU Brooklyn Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend LIU Brooklyn?


A person who isnt open to new ideas and someone who doesnt stress out as easily.


A person that can not handle a compeitive pace shouldnt attend this school. Consistency of your academic dedication should always be shining and your full effort should always be given to be able to develop as a student. It is here you would have your best and worst times. This college would reflect your own mental and physical capacity. It would be constantly put to the test and it's upto you to overcome the challenge. One things for sure, this college isnt anything but discouraging.


I believe that a person who is not motivated should not attend this school. This school is small and located in downtown Brooklyn. Someone who want to get away from the city life should not apply here. Long Island University, Brooklyn campus, has no parking for students. Trains stations are located around the perimeter of the school. Although it is a universtiy, it has the appearance of office buildings. Some may not like that and should not attend. I am a firm believer that it's not the school who makes the student but who student who makes the school.


people who are not use to the city life and a busy area. also people who are not open minded to other ethnicities.


Someone who wants to attend a vibrant, exciting campus where something is always happening.


The type of person that shouldn't attend this school is mean spirited, closed minded, and lazy.


if you are intending to go for the pharmaceutical field, nursing, pre med, pre law


Person that is lazy, easily distracted, unfocused and non goal oriented. This school warns every student with a conctract prior to picking their major what they need to fulfil, take and what G.P.A they need to maintain in order to be in the program. If the student cannot fulfill univeristy's requirement they will be out from the program they choose to study.