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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


As a high school senior I was homeless my 16 year old sister had passed away due to cancer a few years prior but the wounds didnt seem to want to heal, with literally with no one to turn to I cried many days in my counselors office seen many psychologist and during my senior year I maintained a 3.0 but it was a very long time coming due to the fact I dropped out in 10th grade because it became so deep and painful. I would tell myself " Zakiya you are resilient, I need you to get your life and not be afraid any longer... things will get better because from now on you are in control.. go to dillard university after high school and dont turn down the offer because of money..tell the truth and someone will believe in you do not be ashamed it is not your fault.. the possibilites are endless trust in the love you have for yourself to continue. put your mind to it and you will succeed because 12th grade does not define your strength!"


I would remind myself to remember deadlines are important for college. In highschool I usually would hand in things late, and not care but college doesn't joke about that. I would also tell myself to stop stressing the little things in life and enjoy it. Stop getting into little drama with your friends and focus on the big picture is what I would tell myself. I would tell myself to not be so close minded and keep your mind open because college itself is an eye opening experience. Last but not least I would tell myself to continue to be myself because people will love me for who I am.


Hey Latifah, do I look familiar? Well I'm you from the future. Dont worry about the weight gain, that is the price to pay for giving birth to six children. Anyway listen up, I have a few things to tell you about college that are really important. There isn't much time so please save your questions until I am done talking. We get good grades in highschool by craming, that is something that you have to put a stop to. You will not do well if you try to cram in college, there is just to much material. When you get home you should review that day's classwork and do the next assignment that day. You should also start to focus more on what career path you want to take. Knowing what you wnat to do will save you time and money. Here's a hint we like science and helping people, maybe nursing is a good match? The last bit of advice I have is, stop hanging out with that older guy you think is your friend. Our mom is right about him, he will only cause you heartache and distract you. Okay gotta go bye!


The advice that I would give to my highschool self would be to study more, and to not be so worried about having a social life and partying and not focusing. I would tell myself to not date and concentrate more on my studies and once I graduated to enter straight into college and pursue my goals in becoming a doctor.


College life is not as easy as I expected it to be. A high school student should take the time and opportunities given to him or her at his or her high school to be well prepared for college life. As a high school student I always thought that life in college will be much easier than life in high school. I was counting the days until I graduate and move out of the difficult life, high school, to the easiest life, in my opinion, college. I am not saying that I never worked hard in high school, I certainly did, just to move on with my life and get closer to achieving my dreams of getting into college and become a pharmacist, which has been my dream since I was in elementary school.


First and foremost, I would have told myslef to choose my college options wisely. This is an important piece of advice because finding the right college can make the transition most comfortable. Another piece of advice would be to consider all types of payment plans. By considereing differetn types of payment plans (such as financial aid, scholarships and loans), I can evaluate which way is most convienet to pay off my college funds. one other piece of advice I would give to myself is to be prepared for intense work.As a senior in high school, things are always a breeze. As a freshman in college, there is a great deal of reading, writing papaers, and studying. I would have braced myslef for the amount of in the freshman year and also, how to organize my time wisely. The last piece of advice would be how to prioritize. Along with the first yaer of college comes a great deal of freedom and responsibility. I am one step closer to adulthood. I cannot allow too many things to take up all of my time. I must prioritize, so that I have time for school and a social life.


Going back in time is not easy but if there was a way to go back in time and change my life transition as a high school senior I would. First, I would have joined more extra curriculum activities because it gives me the chance to explore and gain experince to know what profession I wanted in life. I say this because now that I am in college, I wanted to do nursing than I was thinking to be a radiology tech but know that I have gain knowlegde on what I wanted to be it was easier for me to deicide Respiratory care since I have been doing some volunteer work. Second, being a senior in high school I would have want to take advance placement classes because it gives you the opportunity to tranfer those credits to college something I did not know when I entered college. But, now I realize that eventough I did not do this things in high school, is never to late to advice my sibiling or friends and to explain to them all that I can in order for them to meet their profession just like I am. Is never to late .


Look further into schools before picking the first school you go accepted to. Pay attention and keep you parents involved is a must.


So far as a freshman at Long Island University, I was able to learn about myself in manys ways. If I need help with my school works, I have to speak up and ask the professor for help or depend on my fellow friends and peers.


My college experience has been beneficial to me because it has helped molded me into the individual I am today, which is a professional, highly skilled, ambitious employee. I work in a Fortune 500 Company as a HR Manager of over 500+ employees. I would not have been able to be successful in my current position without the knowledge , skills and values I learned from my college experience. Long Island University coursework not only teaches you the materials in the book but teaches you how to be a professional individual, values, goals and characteristics of how to conduct yourself. To this day I can recall particular teachings of some of my best professors in college that has stuck with me and those are the things that has made me successful. Overall, what I have gotten is valuable mentoring, coaching and development that has helped me be a successful individual in my career which contributes to a happy family and lifestyle.


I have gotten real like experiences from going to college. Ive learned that the world doesn't revolve aroung me. That things have to be done on time and in a timely manner. I've learned how to depend on myself instead of other people for things. It taught me how to save because I couldn't work durning school so I had to save any money I recieved from running on the track team. It gave me a sense of responsiblity because I had to take care of the cleaning and cooking myself. I believe if I hadn't went to college, I wouldnt have a job, I'd still be getting money from my mother. I wouldn't have my own place or have any money management skills. College has given me a peak at what it really means to be an adult and what to expect as I become of age.


I learned alot about myself personally attending college. It was here my mindset was molded very quickly to the way of "college life". Even though i only just recently completed my first semester of college, the values i picked up were priceless. I think the biggest value i have got out of my college experience was taking care of your responsibilites without someone their to keep you on task. It its true when people say college is experiencing the real world as an adult. It was my responsibility to attend class on time, complete work on time, etc. without the professor or my parents constanly insisting i do these things. But it is valuable for everyone to attend college. For me, I want to further my education to prepare myself for world. It is here were mentally exercised to take on life. The beauty of college is that there is a course/career for everyones individual interest. Without an education today, were left with nothing. Nothing is garanteed without it. With a degree in hand, its like a first class ticket to any place you want. In actuality, your destiny lies in your hand.


During the past 3 1/2 years, I have been fortunate enough to experience the world. As a student with Global College of Long Island University, my program has taken me to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Ecuador, China, Taiwan, Thailand, India and Turkey. I am currently studying in Uganda. My program focuses on culture, local issues, language, history, economics, politics, the environment, and global issues. I will be returning to the U.S. (New York City) in January, for my final semester. I have gained an unimaginable amount of exposure in firsthand research experience with over 15,000 photos and hundreds of hours of video clips. Included in this is a lifetime's worth of memories and stories to share, as well as friendships that have been made all over the world. All of these have provided me with the confidence in knowing who I am and what I want in life, and the ability to make good use out of all of this gained knowledge. I hope to use these acquired tools in making myself a better citizen of the world.


It is impossible for me to stress enough how important education and preparation are for what lies ahead in life, and this is exactly the reason why going to college and following my vision for a better tomorrow is so important to me. As a young adult who has struggled a lot growing up under situations that marked me in many ways, I feel the constant need to reflect upon life and what I want to achieve for the future ahead of me. I enjoy going to college because it's a big factor in my path that has been helping me open my eyes to the way life actually is and how it will be further along the way once I achieve graduating and looking out for myself. At times I wonder about those who have denied themselves the opportunity of going to college and I really feel like they have no idea what they're missing out on, because to me college is valuable due to all the things it prepares us for socially, mentally, academically, and within all that it brings along success, intelligence, and unmentionable opportunities.


I have gotten a couple things out of school so far. I am learning things I didn’t know and did not learn in high school. By going to school I am getting a better education than I have now and will have a better education when I am finished with school. I was able to interact with other people who are trying to better their education like I am. I was able to see how hard people have to work to be able to get what they want. Seeing what different types of classes you can take and find out what I needed to know to continue my education and get the degree I want. When I finally finish my degree I will be closer to my dream of working and helping save animals. When I am done with my education and finally finish school I will have a better career. By not attending school I would not make the good grades I am getting or know the information I know. Also if I were to not attend, I wont go anywhere in life that I want to go and not be able to fulfill my life long dream.


My college expierience is helpful in the sense that I am becoming a better person and preparing for the "real world." I am bettering my life which I know is something that many people around the world dont get the chance to do. It is the most valuble thing to me because I dont want to be just another statistic sitting around with kids all day long with no job and relying on someone else to support me. I want to be able to make it on my own and know that no matter what I can handle paying my bills. I rely on my extracurriculars to keep me motivated and I think everyone should be involved in at least one activity. I dont want to have to wonder if this economic downfall is going to effect me I want to have my head on my shoulders and be prepared for whatever curve balls I'm thrown. College is helping me reach all of my dreams and to make friendships to last a life time along the way.


I have experienced a lot during my enrollment in long Island University this summer. Out of many experiences that i have had, signing up for the English Summer Institute (ESI) class in LIU for free has been a great and unforgettable achievement in my life. This class helped me to set my path, into entering the school for the fall semester. It only took three weeks of vigorous and hardworking experience, learning how to write college essay. The ESI class was valuable to attend because i was placed in a higher english class after the completion of this class and re-taking my English Placement Exam. As part of enrollment in LIU, it is compulsory to take English and Math placement exam before proceeding into class registration for the fall semester. I took the English Placement exam in June twice, but unfortunately, i was not placed in my expected English class that is required by my major. Now i realize that am only a high school English champion, and I now know the difference between high school essay and college essay.


I have learned that life is very difficult so I need to learn as much as I can to help me in finding good jobs.


I grew up in rural Australia, where seeking further stimulation was just a part of life. Moving to the city to complete my undergraduate degree changed my life in so many ways. There, I studied with people who knew who they were, I met people who had had positive, supportive role models in their lives, and identifying with a whole new community, I learned the importance of honest, open relationships. I learned that I wanted to be that positive, supportive role model for others. I had followed my passion, out of my 'country comfort' zone to the city, where I found the ambition and confidence to continue my journey. This led me to New York City, where i currently reside - surrounded by culture and endless opportunity. I find myself back in college, completing a graduate course in counseling and again, expanding my world, my network, my possibilities and my understanding of the human experience. I've attained a lot more than a 'school education' from my college experience: I've acquired a new lifestyle, a new country, and definitely new hope for a successful career and future.


As i have learned in the past and still learning, a college education to me is a necessity in life, if you want to achieve your goals, and become someone, and have a career. To me the more education I add on, the more knowledgeable I get as well as learning valuable qualities, such as leadership skills, networking, multitasking and also learning about life after college. One thing I regret is that I wish I knew exactly what I wanted to do as a career in highschool because then I would not have spent as much time afterwards and could have already started working in the area of the field I wanted which is nursing. One major thing I am proud of is the fact that I hold a bachelors degree in my hand, and second person in my family. I also valued my school experience because it allowed me to meet a variety of diverse people, with whom I felt can assist me in the future to achieve my goals.


Goin to college is very important for me because i learned that if i want to be someone in life i need to get a career. In order to succed my goals i need to get good grades pass all my classes and pay really good attention to learned the most i can. i have also learned that it is very important to have an education because this will me to be better i life.


I have learned that in order to value the worl we live in and in order to respect other cultures you need to talk with these people one on one, you need to hang out with them, listen to their stories. I have met so many great people and they are all so different than the people from my cookie cutter town of Paxton, MA. I have a new appreciation for everything I have been given in life and a new understanding of the trials others go through. It makes me understand just how lucky I am!


i will tell them that in college no one will tell you what to do such as go to class, do your papers, homeworks etc. you have to take decisions yourselves. you need to be serious than ever before and you need to be more descipline in order to be an excellent student


As a high school senior, I would tell myself to take my time and think it all through. I would not have allowed my parents to push me into abrupt decisions because they have a great impact on my future. Instead of chasing a career that I did not like at all I would start off with the basics and take my first two years in school to really explore my options and true passion. Despite the prestige of going to a private school, I would start off in a CUNY school or even a community college to complete the core requirements that every school asks for. This would bring me to a more level headed place and eliminate my current 100,000+ debt. I would tell myself that the more prestigious schools are wiser to invest in for a higher degree such as a masters or PhD. I would remind myself that I am an adult and must take full responsibility for myself because I did not realize that my parents had no access to anything unless I granted them permission to help me. I would have boosted myself up to perform at my very best to attain scholarships.


If I was capable of going back in time to when I was a high school senior, I would commit to trying to make my college transition as easy as I possibly could. I would mentally prepare myself to think that there isn?t a huge difference between high school and college, except for the different environments and a diverse group of people. I would not stress over how difficult college would be or how many classes I will need, only because I was and always will be confident in my struggle for success. The overall change between college and high school is very limited because if you know your future goals, nothing will suppress you from obtaining them. When I was a senior I always had a plan set for the future, but the general idea of college was frightening to me. I felt like it was a huge leap in my life; however, if I could go back in time I would give myself that drive to just push forward and commit to extreme hours of school work and more devoted commitment to work.


If I could go back 5 years and tell myself one thing as a senior in high school, I would tell myself to listen to my dad. After my freshman year of college I decided to transfer to another school where I would get the true college experience living on campus. My dad told me don't go, and he was right I withdrew 2 months into the school year because I couldnt handle the pressure of working and going to school without a support network. This mistake cost me 2 years of course work. Now looking back I realize my dad knew best, and after having this experience myself, I hope that I will someday be able to help my child with this important decision.


I would remind myself to be patient, to relax for a few years, travel maybe, andget to know myself for who I really was. I would worry less about knowing my future at that point in my life, and instead enjoying the moment, and let that help me discover who I am, and what would make me happy for the rest of my life. I'm fortunate enough that I figured out what career I want in my early twenties, and I will be 28 when I begin the career of my dreams, but I would have also wasted less time changing majors, and working in jobs that didnt enrich me for a few years had I done things a little differently. Perhaps I would have ended up falling in love with a different line of work, but the only thing I have ever regretted in my life, is that I didn't take the time after high school to just breath. I think the amount of high school seniors who really genuinely know what they want to do for the rest of their life is a very small number- I know I didn't.


I know now to stay focus on my future career, I know if I keep my head and heart deadicated to my work I will succeed. I had a ruff time my senior year, I was pregnant full term and everyone my family and friends constantly on me, stressing me out to not quit. I knew I was going to finish but they thought different. I proved everyone wrong, and now Id like to show them who I want to become, I will succeed.


I would advise myself to be ready to work. College life is so different from high school. I will be on my own. Dorming gives me no right to run rampant and feel like I can come and go as I please. I will be responsible for my own decision. The decisions I make will reflect my grade. I will need to set my priorities straight. I must understand that school work comes first before anything else. Don't be afraid to say no to people wanting me to leave school work for later. Stay committed if you want success.


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior , knowing what i know now about college life and making the transition. I would tell myself to work harder to be number one so that I wouldnt have to worry about paying for school, and not to settle for less always try to reach higher than the goals you set for yourself. You wont make it in college by being mediocre because there is a lot more competition.


My biggest piece of advice to myself would of been to pick a major sooner. By the end of the semester, I will have enough credits to qualify as a senior. In my major however, I am only a sophomore. It took me two years to pick a major, i wish I had picked one in the first year. My second piece of advice to myself would of been to look for scholarships. I didn't start to look for scholarships until i already was attending Long Island University. Now the one scholarships I had is gone, and i am desperate to find money for school. I wish I knew in high school that going to schools where your friends are isn't the best idea. I wish i knew to find a school that would best fit the criteria of the education I was looking for, rather than going to a school for social purposes.


I would first and foremost tell myself to not stress so much over college applications because the process in actuality is really simple once it's broken down. I would also tell myself to apply for more scholarships. College, especially private universities, provide excellent education, but they are also very expensive and so applying for as many scholarships as possible increases the chances of actually winning one which helps a great deal in paying for school tuition. Another thing that I would tell myself is not to buy my textbooks from the bookstore without checking other stores and online forst because usually it is possible to find much cheaper textbooks elsewhere. I general, I would just tell myself that it takes time to adjust to college life and that I shouldn't get upset when something goes wrong and just keep on striving to reach my goals.


One advice I would give myself will be to not only apply to more schools but try and get financially stable so that I wouldnt have to depend on loans to pay for school. Another thing will be to learn better study habits because the old ones are not working enough. Lastly is to have fun in college everythings not about school so go out and have fun when you can and always come to school on time.


The advice that I would give myself is to take every year as serious as you would do your senior year. A lot of times students mess up there freshmen and sophomore year and try to make everything up there junior and senior year. I did not take my freshmen and sophomore year as serious as I did my junior year. I always got good grades but I did not do as good as I could have done. Being that I never did the 12th grade and I graduated out the 11th, I feel that if I would have took my freshmen and sophomore year seriously I would have had a higher GPA instead of the 81 average I graduated with. So my advice to myself would be focus more in high school and take as many AP or college now classes as possible so you can be use to all the work you would have to do when you transition to college.


Well when I was a High School Senior I really didnt take college as serious as I should have. One of the advice I would have told myself was to look up different colleges a little bit more. If you dont look up as much as you possibly can than your lowering your own chances into getting excepted any where. Another piece of advice I would give myself is that looking up money for school is not easy. But as a high school senior I should have payed attention more and really did some research so I can be able to have money for school. I could have written letters to many people who I am sure would have loved to help a young college student. Of course by all means I definitely could have studied way more, because college is no walk in the park but its definitely a walk I do not mind taking to make my futuer a bright one.


Organize my time for studying. Different approach to studying. Spend more time in the library and use more services that are offered in school such as tutoring services.


Many times in life, it is not the actual difficulties that make things hard, but rather the anxiety that comes along with it. If I had the chance to go back and speak to myself as a high school senior, I would say that although it is a lot of hard work, it can be done! The main thing is to remain calm and keep a positive attitude. Attitude is everything; it can be the difference between thrilling success and utter failure. So by remaining positive and conscientious, one can triumph over whatever hurdles may come his way!


The best advise i would give myself if i could go back, would be to push myself alittle harder. Prepare my self for the work load ahead by doing above and beyond.


Tatyana you are now entering your adult stage in life; everything you do in college is on you, there will be no more teachers calling parents because of missed assingments. When your priorities are in order college will be one of the best experiences in your life. So with that being said school work always comes first, and if there are any questions with work always take adavntage of extra help that may be offered. Something to always keep in mind is to do things ahead of time; never wait till the last minute to do anything. College is all about time management, and once you make that transition everything will come naturally.


Everyday it shockens me to see that not one person ever told me how important it is to do well in school, how every second counts and most importantly how your grades count. Simply because you are smart does not mean the world is able to see it. They look at your grades, they look at your record and they judge from these scores. This is simply why you should do great and understand the meaning to what you are doing. Not one person told me this, I had to find out the hard way. I had to understand if you waste one second, you are delaying your time to achieve something.


I would tell myself to be very concious about my financial aid. I transfered from a very expenisive school and now owe them zlot of money because I was not smart in my fincances. I would also tell myself to never lose focus and keep my gpa up and never let it slip know matter what. I would also tell myself to get all the facts about the school before just going. Also look for as many scholarships as I can and good luck


I would definitely tell myself to go to an in-state university or college because it is very expensive going to an out of state college.


Visit more schools!!!!!


Get more involved in the extracurricular activities in high school so that you know what you wanted from your college in terms of out of the classroom experiences. Try and picture yourself on that campus, walking to and from classes, and if you can't that probably isn't the place for you. Trust your instinct. If you walk onto the campus for the first time and you give the school an honest chance and still don't get a good feeling about it, don't force yourself to like it. If you want a school that is lively and exciting and always has something going on, make sure that the school you commit to embodies all those qualities. Talk to the students, asking them why they chose that particular school. If they hem and haw and take a long time to come up with a reason, you know there's a problem. Also, get your parents opinion. It is ultimately your decision, after all you're the one that will be there for at least 4 years, but it is important to get an opinion outside of your own, so that you look at the school from different perspectives.


I would make sure I tell myself to know what exactly it is that I'm going to school so I don't waste any money. Get involve in as many activities as possible, and don't be afraid to give out support to others when needed. I would also tell myself that college is no joke, and make sure I have the right tools I need to complete it. I would also make sure I know everything that there is needed to know when applying for grants, loans, scholarships.


When a parent and child are researching schools, one of the most important thing to know is field of interest/ study. Selecting a school is challenging enough, not knowing what your interested in can only made decisions difficult. Having too much on one agenda can be a difficult task to maintain, know what you want and go for it. College is an never ending journey, there will be more then one opportunity to take on a new field of study.


make sure you go and take a visit, hang around campus to see if it feels right, if it doesnt then there is no rush to make the better decision. know what you are there for, going to school, graduating and getting a job in the real world. have fun but not too much fun, because you do need to stay focused.


The advice that I would give to students about choosing the right college and making the most of it is balance. The balance of many things is the key to life and a great college experience. When choosing the right undergraduate one needs to take into consideration what they want out of a college experience and how much they are willing to pay for it. Everyone who wants prestige in a school can't always afford it and those who want to have fun need a school with great extra-curriculars. Academic performance and the intelligence that a place fosters. Consideration has to accomodate the total person, the student, and the social level that the person is on. Some people need smaller environments and some need larger, its all about knowing what best for you. In conclusion your personal finances and personal preferences have to be well balanced one shouldn't trump the other. Explore your options extensively and your choices even more, that is the key a pleasant experience.




make sure that the college has many programs to offer in case your child changes his mind