LIU Brooklyn Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I knew the exact cost of the school, so that I would have applied to scholorships beforehand.


I wish I had known better ways to pay for school. The funding for my scholarship was cut, now i am in a rough situation trying to find ways to pay for me to attend Long Island University which is a private university. There are not many scholarships for minorities in science at this school.


I wish that I knew that if and when I needed help I had to go about looking for it myself because no one really goes out of their way to try and help you at the school unless they're a teacher trying to help you with the subject.


Before I came to this school I wish i would have known more about the services available to me. Services that include clubs and extracurricullar activities. I will also would have liked to know how the college experience works and what taking the best of what you have really means. Lastly I would have wanted to know how to apply for the different scholarships available at the school.


Well for one I wish that I knew exactly how I was going to be able to pay for my tuition. I also wish that I knew how challenging the work was before I attend school so that way I knew exactky what I was getting into.


Before I came to LIU, I knew the work would be very hard, and although I felt I was up to the challenge, I have to admit, I was a little nervous. I really wish I would have known how much support, both academically and emotionally, is available to the students if they desire it. If I had known this, I don't think I would have been quite so anxious. But it was a happy surprise!


I wish I had known that the campus was completely dead on weekends and that the students as a whole don't have much school spirit.


I wished I had known that I had to take a test and complete my promissary note after applying for my loan


I wish i knew the tuition rise every fall semester, whcih has limiteded me to look at schools within my budget; however i do feel the need to continue in the field i am most interested in despite the cost.


Before attending this school I wish I would have known that my financial aid wouldn't cover all of my expenses.


I wish I had known there was help available for every students needs. I wish I had also known that the school offers payment plans to students who cannot afford to pay off their tuition in full. Also, I wish I had also known I could buy lunch with the school ID. The school adds money into our ID every semester. I wish I had also known that the school has no parking lot. Students have to either pay for parking or come to class an hour before to get a parking spot.


I wish i knew how small the campus was and how the food was.


I wish I knew that there is no student parking. This college is in a city campus so all the students have to park on the streets with the meters. However there is parking for Staff and Faculty only!


how hard it was..


Well, this is my very first school in the USA., so when i came here on the first day it was totally new for me...but after getting help and doing hard work i am satisfy with my college...but only thing is real hard for me is money...i am lower income background...and there is no one to help me with my college money..but i am too active and wise to do anything for college money ....any contest or competition...Thanks.


How the classes were run, how the school was run, i didn't really know what the school was like