Livingstone College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


my classmates that are in my class are very funny and also very intelligent. they ask question when needed and they also help each other out. they make sure they get to class on time and when the teacher has conference hours they go and speak with them. they make sure they do they work on time and make sure its done right. if they don't understand something they say so and get a tutor or talk . also form study group so we can pass a test that may be difficult or we just need a little extra studying


Ready to learn and seeking a smaller class with more individualized attention size by going to a private college.


Well I think my classmates are real cool to be around.


My classmates at Livingstone College are very determined to get their education and to become successful in life. Some of my classmates came from a hard and troubling home and Livingstone College gave them a chance to change their lives. They want to become better people in life instead of following the wrong crowd. We push each other to do better in our classes so we can become a better person in life. We as students at Livingstone College is taking Livingstone to the next level and we want to welcome new students to join our journey as well.


Some of my classmate in my class is somewhat divide in groups. You have the quiet ones that is serious about the class work and you have the disrespectful group of students that disrupt the class and you have the group that always participate and even though they isn?t sure about their answer being right but they still try anyways and also you have them few of students that is smart and knows the answer not just because they study but because they know. Nevertheless, i enjoy n love all my classmates and hope all well to their success.


My classmates are known to be ambitious,determined,and open-minded