Livingstone College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice that I would give to myself is to work just as hard as I worked during my Freshman-Junior year. During my senior year I slacked a bit becasue I was just happy to almost be done with school. If I could I would go back and do my senior year all over again.


The advice that I would give to myself is to weigh out your options instead of joking around and not taking life seriously because it can backfire in a negative manner. Also, you should work to get acquainted with more people in order to build an impressive network in your particular field of interest. Furthermore, ensure that your grades improve in order to receive scholarships to go to college and focus on improving your proficiency and communication skills. Never allow anybody discourage and deter you from being successful and remain open and receptive to new ideas and new concepts that are introduced to you.


I would give myself adivce on how to mange your time once in college and take it a little more serious because what I could get away with in high Im not going to be able to get away with in College. also i would advice my self to be active and dont let all the freedom go to your head because your still here for a purpose.




Because it was an hbc school I learned a lot about my African heritage, but I would not suggest this school to too many of my friends because it was so disappointing to me. I feel that maybe when I attended I just had a bad experience, I was scared. I just did not feel safe. There were time when classes were cancelled for not apparent reason, and you the student were not informed, you would find out when you showed up for the class and there were not instructor. This just but a bad taste in my mouth with everything else that was going on. I did learn a lot about my heritage like I mention other than that in my opinion nothing much else.


I feel like since this college is small i felt like i got a better education and i feel like this has prepared me for graduate school when its time. i feel like i had one on one time with the teachers and i love that.


I have gained a chance at higher education from a very prominent and prestigious institutution. From my college expereience I have gained maturity, responsibility and ive gained knowledge on me and who I am. Not only am i honored to attend a historically black college of my peers Im honored to attend a college where the teachers are always there to help you. Ive gained life long friendships at Livingstone from both my peers and mentors. Having the chance to learn at Livingstone has been very valuable to me because being there has motivated me and keeps me focus on the task at hand to be successful.


I have gotten a lot of Livingstone College because, this is a good place of learning and getting a good education. And the campus is just right not to big not to small so it makes it easier to get the class instead of going all the way on the other side to get to your class room. So overall it's been good going to this college I vaule going here and everything is going well.


Well I will be attending school pretty soon but I believe I will learn lessons that are primary to learning like studying and not procrastinating. I will be on my own and learn independence because mommy can't do everything for me. I look forward to my journey and helping other people along the way.


So far what I gotten out of college experience is how i am now on my own and need to have responsibility, and I don't have anyone there to keep me on task like I did in high school. Now I have to focus and stay on task. It been valuable to attend college to better my education and to better myself as a person, and to get ready for the real world.


During my college experience I have learned to become more independent and responsible. Leaving home shows you that it?s a time to separate from your parents and be on your own. This whole experience has taught me that I can do things on my own but at times I still need my mother or my grandmother to get the job done correctly and to get their opinion on things. I am now a step closer to getting my degree in Computer Information Systems and I?m looking forward to the day that I walk across the stage in May of 2013. Livingstone College has prepared me for the real world and has showed me to keep my head up during any trails and obstacles that I have to go through. I have grown so much since I have graduated from high school and I am glad that I had the chance to attend a four year college to become more successful in my future.


Being a freshman at Livingstone college has been challenging but worth a lifetime. The work can be overwhelming but if you stay focus and keep reminding yourself why you are there, then you will do great. I did not know how I was going to survive being away from home because I was always up under my parents. But being away from home and being on your own helps you to get to know yourself and helps you mature as an adult. It took time for me to actually come to reality on why I was here and I do not regret coming to Livingstone College.


If I could back in time to a high school senior I would tell myself that I should disipline myself, because now I struggle with doing what I need to do on time. Also I would have told myself to look more into the colleges that I got accepted to,because the one I chose honestly does not feel like the right choice. At that time should have been looking at colleges that would have suited me better in the future instead of then. For example a year ago I wanted to go to a college that would allow me more freedom, breathing space from my parents so they would not be in business, a spacious room that I could fit all my things into, and honestly cute looking boys. Now I realized that I should have choosen a school that was better organized, have better teachers, and more stricter.


Knowing what I know now about college life , and acturally feeling the huge transtion from excitment, happy, upset and to sad emotions. If I was able to go back to high school senior year the advice i will tell myself is get involve with my school counselor. The reason why i have a little twist in my story, beacuse i was not told i was adopted until the end of my senior year. Which everything hit me so fast what I mean by that is college i was told two weeks before leaving. I thought I was all set to go, and live the college dream. I never thought about money i have thought my parents had it covered. Going to a college that cost ten thousand a semester and my twin the same age is attending to is hard money stop coming. Getting invovled with my high school counselor i would of felt alot of scholarships did anything, and everything. The the one thing I never forgot though being home was God gives second chances so it is not to late to start now it is not over. God Bless!


I would advise me as a potential high school senior student to continue to be curious or become curious if I wasn?t already! Nevertheless, to not be afraid too encouraged me to ask more questions and become affianced in conversation as part of public speaking and learning the process to speak up and not be afraid. So, when those time for presentations I would have been more confident of speaking. I would as well advice myself, is this where I want to be for four years and look for further research about the school and the expenses and furthermore the spirit the school students brings. In additions, I would of took in my own hands as an alternative of think my counselor would of told me, is registering for NCAA and enchanting my SAT serious and didn't just kept my first score. Overall, I would have used all my four years of high school to improve my score and instead of worrying to keep myself on high honor roll I would have focused and prepared myself for the SAT and nevertheless, check if I took all my recommended class so I could have got into a better college.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have plenty of advice to give. I would commend myself on taking the advanced classes that I did in high school, knowing how much it paid off to set myself out of my comfort zone. Encouraging myself to fully engage in my extracurricular activities such as athletics, FCCLA, theatre, and oral interp, would also be high on my list of advice to give. The people skills I developed during those activities would have never been built up to the level they were without putting myself out there! Little did I know in high school that knowing how to relate to people no matter what their background or story is, would help me so tremendously in the field of Radiation Therapy of which I decided to pursue. A pat on the back would be my last piece of advice, always commend yourself on a job well done, because you are your biggest supporter and no success comes from those who don't believe in themselves!


Knowing what I know about college life and making the transition, I would tell myself to research on my own and find the college that is right for me. During my high school life, I waited to see what school would come to me and now, I regret it. I felt that I would get a basketball scholarship to an amazing school, but the only schools that accepted me were Livingstone and Morris College. Some more advice I would give myself would be to focus more on my grades insead to trying to be the best on the basketball court, I came out of high school with a 2.9, I could have made the grades and got my GPA up and I also could have done better on my SAT's. In high school, I know that I did not have my head on straight, but I am thankful that I do have the opportunities that I have today to get back on track. Making the transition was not a problem to me, making the grades for college and being focused was.


If I was to go back to my high school years as a senior i would have told my self to stay focused. I would have told myself to try harder because I knew that I could have done better. Also, I would have mention to myself that what I do now determines my future and that I want a good future so I need to do better. All and all, i have learned more about myself in college and if I could change it I would, but all i can do now is go on and try to make the best of my mistakes.


If i was able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior from knowing the information i know now about college life.The advice i would give myself is to understand that the transition that you will have to make is different from high school.Their will be obstacles that you have to face within yourself .You would have to understand that you are finally on your own and the descisons that you make will be based upon your actions.College life will chaqnge you but it will also help you mature as a young lady letting you know that your professors will not take it easy on you.if you want to succeed in college know your responbilities for yourself only and not for your friends .There will be true firends and then your enemies that would do what it takes to see you fail just go to suceed for yourself only.


make sure that they offer your major and make sure that you tour the college before you decide you want to aattend it


Advice I would give parents or students about finding the right college is to do there research. There are many colleges in the world. Find out which schools offer programs in your field or fields of interest. Every school you like may not have your major or field of study. Take your time and tour each of the schools your thinking about. Going on tours will help you determine whether or not the schools size, location, and other important details are suitable for your needs. You want to make sure that on the tours you ask the questions you want to know! Once you have decided on a institution thats right for you, make the most of it! Remember this is your college experience no one elses. Do what makes you happy and successful. Network, join clubs and organizations, participate in extracurricular activies, and interact with faculty and staff. Doing these things will help you build character and confidence. They will also allow you to meet knew people and friends. You want to make sure that while you socialize and have fun, you maintain a balance and prioritize your duties. Stay focused and dont give up your dreams!