Lock Haven University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are all generally very friendly and helpful with school studies.


the are all very nice friendsly down to earth kids who go out of their way to help you


Students at my school are very friendly, since it is a smaller campus, I love being about to walk to class and see familiar faces on campus, it makes me feel more at home in a place that is three hours from my permanent home.


I come from a small town, and my new classmates have taught me one major thing - tolerance; not everyone is the same as me.


Most of my classmates are very sports oriented. Almost everyone is in a sport or loves working out.


That is hard because everyone is so different. There are students from all over.


My classmates are very diverse, there are all ethnicities and students from all backgrounds, ranging from quiet and reserved people to outspoken and opinionated.


There are a variety of them, and they are all different ethnicities involved along with homosexual people.


My classmates are kind of diverse, with most being very friendly, but most keep to their group of friends that often are in the same major as them.


My classmates are very friendly and are eager to learn the material. Most people get along with one another and always make an effort to talk and get to know each other. My classrooms are small so it is comfortable to know the teachers as well as the students. I never feel awkward or out of place in my classes because we all become a little community so to say.


most are people that come to class everybody are willing to help others in and, out side of the classroom. If you are seen by most classmates outside of the classroom they are friendly.


My classmates are very goal focused and hard workers.


I chose Lock Haven because it is close to home, the beautiful area, and the class sizes are perfect. You have anywhere from 30 kstudents in a class in your major, to 120 students in your general education classes. No matter what the size of the class the professor and the students do their absolute best to accomodate each other and the facilities available. Lock Haven is a small town, country university that takes pride in the surrounding environment, and do its best to keep it beautiful because it is a key recruiter in bringing students to this small town.

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