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My school is smaller than most, but provides a big university style education.


The most unique aspect of Lock Haven University is the campus population size. It is significantly smaller then the other colleges I considered, which lead me to smaller class sizes. I believe my educational potential has been optimized because of the size of the classes.


The Physcian's Assistant program gets nine cadavors a year to work with while most schools get well below half that. Its called "The Haven" because it's a home away form home.


Lock Haven had a clock tower that never failed to play some type of song every hour. Typically the songs were religious in nature; however, during holidays there would tend to be themed music reverberating from the bells. The reason I choose Lock Haven was for the hands on experience that was gained from being a smaller school.


Lock Haven University has a Global Honors Program (which I have been accepted into) that has the mission of providing students with special opportunities to develop their scholarship and leadership skills and provide them with international experiences. There are small, discussion-based classes that encourage participation and hands-on activities. The program puts on special events especially for freshmen to help them acclimate to college life and meet new people. There are many other perks including scholarship money and priority scheduling. LHU is unique in that its honors program has a global focus to teach students to become global citizens.


The education program is great. We are in the classroom freshman year. It really helps to make sure that is what you want to do with your life. Other scools you are not into classrooms until sophmore or even junior year. I just love how it is set up.


Nature and being such a small school.


It is located in the country in the mountains, its gorgeous during the season changes, and it also has a very high "school spirit" feeling to it.


Lock Haven really does have a little bit of everything. The people are very diverse and are willing to meet new people and try new things. The International Program has a variety of options and can get you almost anywhere around the world with even some prestige. The array of culture gives you a broader base of the world that is uncomparable to many places.


Lock Haven i unique because it is in a country setting, but it also has a nice social life. One can go hiking or kayaking during the day, and then go out with friends at night. Not too many places offer those two aspects. Lock Haven is racially diverse and yet everyone gets along, converses with each other and hang out. A young man from Philadelphia and a young man from Sullivan county, to complete differences in what they call "home" will meet in Lock Haven and become best friends.

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