Lock Haven University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Lock Haven University is that it does not have a city life. If you are from places that are known for having big cities it will be an adjustment for you. Lock Haven is surrounded by nothing but mountains and a river. If you like shopping make sure you bring a car or get to know people who do. If not then be prepared to do more outdoor activities. Lock Haven is also notorius for its steep stair cases that lead to a couple residencies and academic buildings. So be prepared to do alot of walking.


The worst thing about Lock Haven University is you feel kind of cooped in if you don't have a car.


The location because it's far from everytning and the phone reception is terrible


My school needs to crack down in the English department to get us ready for grad. school courses, but that's not the worst thing. The worst thing would be our food.


My university is very diverse in ethnicity, opportunity and classes. I enjoy taking the many classes that are offered. However, I feel restricted with in majors and minors without a substantial overlap. I am interested in interdisciplinary research of intelligent mammal species. My university lacks substantial unique application of class choice to varying diversity of majors. For instance, I am a psychology major but I wish to enter a field of animal behavior thus I added the biology minor. I added the minor to experience classes closer to the field of choice because we do not have animal behavior.


I had several friends go through sorority/fraternities that ended up doing poorly. Because there isn't much going on, I don't think it's fair to advertise the fraternal organizations as much.


There is not a lot to do. It is a small school with a small campus. The city is also small


The worst thing about LHU is that most of the dorms are on top of a big hill. It makes people not want to come here and many of the students that live up there do not want to come down to the rest of campus most of the time.


The worst thing about my school would be the way they have classes overlapping different clubs or organizations. You become limited in the college experience because of the way that the organizations are mixed in with classes. I am a engineering major that wasn't able to join physics club because it took place at the same time as one of my classes. How am i supposed to be more involved with my school and get a bettter reach on my own major when they set up our extracurriculars in this manner?


The worst part about my school would have to be the atmosphere that surrounds my school. Seeing as how Kingsville is a very small, farming town, many students always complain of boredom. The school does not provide much extracurricular activities that leave a person wanting to come back again and again. If one were to ask a student what they want to do while in Kingsville, many would reply by saying they only want to find the fastest way out of there. This sort of attitude really brings the spirit and emotion at the school down.


The worst thing about the Lock Haven University is that they have an alcohol issue. The school is a dry campus and they do not allow alcohol on campus. In the fall semester of 2009 the school had many problems with alcohol in the dorms and, underage drinking. It is understandable that the school would like to keep their students safe. The residents of Lock Haven do not appreciate the college students ruining property, and it doesn?t provide a good representation of the school. The worst thing about Lock Haven is alcohol issue.


The time they give you to walk from one class to another, since LHU has an east campus as well as the main campus. The east campus is the old high school that the university bought. Its only about a mile long walk from from main to east campus and vice versa. They give you fifteen minutes to walk for one class to the next and sometimes a class could go over their scheduled end time. Which puts you in a bind for trying to get to your next class if you have to walk from main to east campus.


The worse thing about college would be in a new environment struggling to fit. I made the mistake of trying to hard to fit and went out too much, and it is starting to show, my school work is suffering, and I am do everything to bring my grade up. My advice would be not to get caught up in all the glamor or partying, this is your education, you are paying for it and you need to successful with your grades.


The lack of parking space and the rule on when a parking pass is available to a resident student. I can understand it not being available to a freshman but i think at the start of the sophomore year a resident student should be able to have a car. Instead it must be 3 semesters which would place it in the middle of the year for a normal student. Also there is limited parking for resident students.


I would definitely say the area. Since it's located in central P.A., it can get pretty boring out here locally. The city of Lock Haven is very small and there's not much to do for the students. However, a lot of the programs and facilities that the school has to offer makes up for that.


The food.

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