Lock Haven University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Lock Haven University is a great school for athletes or students wishing to pursue a career dealing with sports. One of the most popular majors at LHU is Sport Administration. My roommate is currently enrolled in the Sport Administration major and she loves it. The school is also popular for their sports teams.


The person that should be attending Lock Haven University is one that wants a solid education. I started out at a different school because I didn't really prefer the curriculum. Someone looking to attend Lock Haven University would probably be pleased with the curriculum, as it integrates classes that you actually will need for your career. My major is Health Sciences (Pre-PT). At my first school, I had to take all Biology classes, like Ecology. At Lock Haven, I took a cadaver dissection class and a clinical rehab class, which are directly related to my career.


Someone who is willing to be a small fish in a small pond so to speak. That is someone who wants to blend in and yet still get the help they need when they need it.


people that are okay with being up in the valley of mountains, becasue when it gets cold it gets colder here. people that are ready do be adults and be responcible for their actions. people that like nature, and just like any college knows that college is not a play ground, that hard work is needed to succeed.


Any Kind! It's a great school if you're not looking to pay a lot of money. It's about 14,000 a year and the great thing about it is that you can apply for financaial aid, which for me, covers the whole tuition and other fee's.


One thing that I love about Lock Haven is that there are so many different people that attend it. I think that anyone could come here and make a few friends right away that will be lifelong friends. It does not matter if you are white, black, hispanic, purple, or orange. There is always someone that you can talk to or relate to in some way. There was a guy who went here two years ago that even wore a cape, and he was the most recognized and talked to person on campus.


anyone who likes the area and is impressed with the university. One who is willing to give Lock Haven a try and see what it is worth.

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