Lock Haven University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


food is not good, financial aid office is horrible, scheduling classes is very hard


There is not a whole lot to do in town with friends when you're bored. There are about 2 bars, a few restaurants, a movie theatre, and other misc shops and stores. However when you're bored it takes a lot of creativity to think of something fun to do that's not crazy expensive.


The most frustrating thing about Lock Haven University was the amount of time spent towards school. For my given degree, I would spend atleast twelve hours on campus every day between classes, homework, and sports coverage. This was increased by the fact I was driving an hour each direction (to and from).


The most frustrating thing about LHU is that the university took away the B.S. degree in the Foreign Languages department, which I was planning to take courses for that degree. Now I have to take classes in the B.A. degree. There is now no possible way to get my teaching certificate in German.


Its in the middle of nowhere. You need a car to go anywhere and freshman are not allowed to have a car on campus. If your out of state, expect your tution to be high. If your a person of color beware of some racism from people (they understand other races view point/ not culturally competent).


There's really not much about this school that I would concider to be frustrating; but, if I had to choose one thing I would have to say the meal plans. The food here is actually great and there is a vareity of food, however your choices are very limited in some places on campus. And you can only use your meal plans in the main dinning hall. And, there is not enough of a vareity of meal plans to buy.


Not receiving enough financial aid.


The most frustrating thing about the school I attend is the bills that I will have once I graduate. My parents were unable to help me pay for school, so this has caused me to pile up a bunch of loans that I will have to repay once I graduate. Other than that, I believe Lock Haven University is a great school to attend. They offer small classrooms, which means more attention for each student. Professors are very friendly and always willing to go out of there way to help their students in need.


The fact that east campus is on the other side of town and we have 15 minutes to get to and from the campus.


Financial Aid: They always lost my paperwork. They also change policies and those who have seniority are not excluded from the changes and it can effect how soon you graduate.


The lack of employment. I desperately need a job to make money but there are limited jobs on and off campus. I am willing to work but I would have traveling to do so and I do not have a vehicle. My current living arrangement is in a college owned apartment building but is considered "off campus" and I have a years lease. (academic leases were limited) So my inability to get a job has me very worried. I still have housing payments due above any financial aid I have received.

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