Loma Linda University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Since I am not scheduled to begin attending the University until January the sixth, it is difficult for me to discern something as unsatisfactory concerning the school. Although I have heard that because of the fast pace of the courses it is often a struggle to keep up with all the work assigned. In fact I have already begun to study terms and definitions as a precursor to an exam which is supposed to take place within the first two weeks of school. Yet the nature of the program allows for accelerated graduation which is ideal for most.


I don't have anything negative to say because I am only starting graduate school at LLU this fall of 2012. I clicked the wrong answer, and there was no way to go back and change it on the survey.


The campus is really big and confusing.


I believe that the fact that it is a Seventh Day Adventist school may turn a lot of people off. While attending the school you are to abide by their practices. Such as they so not provide meat or caffine in the caferteria and the students are required to abstain from alcohol while in attendence. This is not the belief of everybody and although they are very up front about there standards, I beleive that it may tuen people away from attending.