Lone Star College System Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I would have liked to know that it wasn't much different from any public high school.


I really don't have anything that I would change.


To speak more to an advisor to avoid taking classes that I didn't need toward my degree and take the ones that are currently holding me back from my Associate's Degree.


Where everything is at, since this is a community college they do not do a campus tour.


Before attending my college, i wish i had known exactly what major i was going to choose for my future. I feel that if i had known my major i could have gone to a counsler to get more classes that went towrds my major now. I also wish i had looked more into the carrer center so that i cvould have had help exploring options of careers out there instead of only researching carrers on my own.

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