Lone Star College System Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Its interesting good college


It's pretty good. I mean, for a community college, it's pretty nice. They don't have old computers and other technology, it's all pretty up-to-date. The campus is nice. The landscaping is pretty pristine, and they keep it well groomed. The classrooms are alright. They need better desks and chairs in some. Many of the desks are too high/low and many chairs are old wooden ones that are really uncomfortable. It makes it hard to focus. They need more chairs in some rooms too. Some don't have enough. The organization is alright. They could be better at putting classes in appropriate rooms. For example, they have English classes in rooms with a bunch of computers. The teachers are pretty good. All in all, I'd say it's a pretty decent school.




good school


I like the fact that most professors are friendly


Having attended this college for two years, I am pleasantly surprised with both the affordability and the dedication of the staff for providing an experience that I will never forget. The campus is pleasantly landscaped and has a variety of student amenities that make attending here a stellar experience. Although the advising staff means well, they do still have problems with what they give for "advice". Bear that in mind when you come on campus and are not sure of how to proceed in your course list. Check with instructors that know the program degree that you are trying to acquire, rather than just the advisers.


Best thing about the school is a toss up between the waterway (a great break and breath of fresh air where you can just watch the fish and give your brain a chance to relax from so much imput) and the Teachers that truly have strange ways of getting so much information into your mind. The teachers have so many different styles, but at the end of each semester you look back and realize that you will go through your life remembering and giving credit to how much they helped you learn and how well you truly will retain the knowledge. The school is quite large, has many students, they recently more than doubled the student body over the last year. That being said, you don't find it too difficult to find areas to study, as they have just completed two new buildings with areas for taking breaks and studying. If I could change something, it would be to add more parking, or better yet, a parking garage to allow easy access and the ability to have more students closer to the entry of the school. It would also be nice if they had a covered parking area for the motorcycles. We have noticed a lot more students riding motorcycles and scooters, but the quick changes in weather create water damage possibilities that many need not worry about when going to their local grocery store or mall, as they allow them to park up under the covering of the building. That is not an option on the campus at this time. Best places on campus depend on what you are in search of. If you need ot blow off steam the gym is just down the hall from the cafeteria. If you want to feel like a large group of people you can hang out on the backside of the lunch area where they have a ping pong table and pool table in the Activities area (which will be expanding their activities into an area just ajacent to the Library... It is currently under construction and making great head way. If you need group study time there is a crossover study area between HSC1 and HSC2 that is just quiet enough but people don't mind if you get together for group studies there. If you want quiet alone study time, you can go upstairs in the library to the far South West corner and find a quiet area with room to relax and focus on serious projects. The students remember eachother and the more time goes by and classes add up, the more you see other former classmates that are friendly and interactive, encouraging and sharing in the goals one another have. The Cafeteria has gone up in price with not much to offer.. It has been brought up in multiple meetings and surveys done, hopefully they will be able to make the propper adjustments to make it worth the price and convenience. I will always remember the activities day.. they had dodge ball on the tennis courts, volley ball in the sand, tug of war and an egg toss... Another student and I won the longest egg toss... A student I had never met before that day. Everyone was so impressed with how far we were able to go that he decided he wanted to show boat just a little bit more after we had already won... ...That's when the egg exploded just below his belt line... It was one of the most fun days with a hilarious ending... Almost 2 years later, we are still friends and talk to eachother whenever we pass by in the halls