Lone Star College System Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The worst about my school at lone star north harris would be the cafe because their prices too high and no restuarantts across texas would charge twenty five cents for plastic spoon/fork to eat with meals


A person that wants to earn their basic credits for less the cost of a four year university school.


Someone who can't afford a 4 year university or just needs a certificate to start working immediately.


Anyone can attend Montgomery College. Income isn't an issue here. Some students come from affluent homes, and some aren't as fortunate. Just because it is a community college doesn't mean you're missing out on college. They offer challenging courses, as well as having a lot of ammenities as larger universities have. Intelligence doesn't matter either, there are students that span across the spectrum, and Montgomery College helps all of its students. The faculty and staff are always nice and help with all your needs.


LoneStar community college is perfect for any student who is looking for a great education at a low cost. The college is beautiful and eco friendly. The classes are small and the professors are funny and actually want you to learn the material. All classes are within a 10 min walk of each other and the cafe serves really good food. I love the fact that If you have any questions there is always friendly people to help you.


I believe Montgomery College (now Loan Star) is perfect for the majority of new college students. Many of my high-school classmates came back early from their four-year university disheartened by a huge school bill. These discouraged students started working and may never return to their education. That?s why I LOVE Loan Star College. It?s inexpensive, has small classes, a great online program and students get a great education. Transferring credits to a university as a more mature student assists the pocketbook and education process as a whole.


any kind of student is qualified to attend my school, the majority of the folks that are attending seem to be getting the basics out of the way so that when they decide to transfer to a university they will already have their basics taken care of.


Someone who is looking for an easy transistion from hih school into college should look into going to Lonestar Community College. The classes are much smaller and the teacher want to help you be more than just a number. A student who is paying for their own education might also want to look into Lonesar because tution is cheaper.