Lone Star College System Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Anyone looking for the traditional "college experience", or actually just anything resembling a social life at all. If socializing with other students is a huge priority for you, stay away. Most people are only here to attend class and go back home immediately. Other than that, it's pretty good. But I would advise going straight to a 4 year university if your parents have money and your grades are good enough. No matter how far you plan ahead, I guarantee you at least 2 classes won't transfer, especially if you end up at a different university than the one you planned for.


The LoneStar College system is great for all kinds of people, I couldnt really say their is a type that couldnt attend our schools. Although a community college their is much diversity within us, even though we may be different we are all here for the same reason. That is to learn, the administrators and staff fulfill their duties to the best of their potential allowing us to fulfill our goals.


People who are not looking to excel in a career should not attend this college. People are are only trying to get money grom the government but, do not really want to pursue.


Someone that is not willing to learn. This school encourages the student to learn.


Lone Star is a good place for almost everyone, I think the only people who should not attend this school, are people who do not want to attend college.