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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I've stepped back in time. Across the room is my younger self walking to class. I approach her, and she is baffled. She can't believe how much she will change, as well as simultaneously stay the same. Younger self then asks, "What should I do future me?" I respond delightfully, as this is why I am here, "Every penny you make from your job, save it. Use your electives to take classes that are dual credit. Be mindful of your future, and plan to succeed. Apply to your dream college early. Be independent, and don't let fear of failure and disappointment decide that you aren't going to college. Life continues to move forward no matter how much you want to stand still. Give yourself opportunities to move with it." My younger self smiled, and started walking toward the counselor's office. She knew what she wanted, and was finally going to work towards it. I turned to go forward in time, back to where I belonged, proud that when I return it will be a brighter future.


Dear Karen,


Start looking for scholarships NOW! Money was the only reason I was not able to atttend the college of my choice. My parents had no money saved for my college education and I figured I could search for money as a senior. Start as soon as possible raking in the cash because if I had, probably my freshman year would be paid for.


If I were to go back in time as a senior in high school I would encourage myself to be more outgoing and participate more in school activities and clubs. I would try to join outside organizations as well and begin to volunteer. I would seek more information as to what field of study would be the best for me. I would seek advising from the counselors available. I would have set a better plan for the future in regards to what path I should be on and how to stay on it. I would prepare myself and get everything organized so that my transition into college would be more of a sucess and I would end up where I want in my planned time.


I would explain to myself to go in more depth with my advisor and go over all the little facets that I needed to know in order to be successful at college. Rather than just taking classes that felt like they were right, immediately get on a degree plan and allow myself to have graduated when i needed to. I also would tell myself to focus harder in school, because I started off doing extremely well in my freshman year of college and then dropped down as my sophomore year began, all because I decided to focus too much on a dead end job than on my education.


This question is all too easy for me to answer; my first semester of college didn’t go nearly as good as I’d hoped. Looking back now I wish I would have learned how to balance things better before my first semester and not after. I would have told myself that you have a season for everything, and right now is your season for school. While you can still have fun in college you need to learn what to say “no” too, know that you have limits and time constraints and that school will take up most of that time. You are no longer in high-school, what you do is on your record for a long time and can affect you far down the road. So while that party or even community service may sound fun and exciting you have to decide if you can really handle it on top of all the school work you have to complete. Just like your job or kids will be your priory latter on learning that school is your top priority at this point in your life. Once you figure that out, then you have fun!


Four months ago I lost my father to cancer. I had just started my first semester as a transfer at the University of Louisiana for petroleum engineering. The loss of my father was a speedbump in my education. I debated resigning for the semester and moving home in order to clear my head. Instead I stuck it out and finished my courses. This semester I transferred to a community college at home to help out with my family. I was nervous about transferring a second time - this time from a major university to a community college. When I signed up for courses I was awestruck at the intensity of the courses offered. I was able to sign up for my geology and engineering courses! I've learned that sticking out your education, no matter what hardships face you, will eventually work out with time. Never had I thought that I would have to deal with losing a parent and moving back home, but with the efforts I put forth in my education, I will never have to second guess myself and think "What If?" My education is my life, and every lesson I've learned helps shape my future.


During the time I've been going to college, I've met a lot of new and interesting people that I feel I have connected with. I've also developed better study habits and my time management skills have greatly improved. Admittedly, it's hard not having as much free time to myself, but knowing that it'll all pay off once I hold that diploma in my hands makes it definitely more bareable. I've always been told that, "In order to succeed, you need to go to college," and I've never strayed from that. Without the help of a better education backing me up, there is a much higher chance of failure than success.


I have taken multiple experiences away from North Harris Montgomery College. The main experience was the college experience as a whole. It has been many, many years since I attend college and I have really enjoyed attending this college in particular. It is a small college that offers big opportunites. It has a University Center so that is how I am attending another college for my 4 year accounting degree. I will go to the facilites at the College and not have to make the drive to the Universities that they partner up with for my Bachelors degree. So my journey continues.


The college experience that I have gotten so far has been unremarkable. I have been out of school for over twenty years. Also, I have five children all attending college as that influenced my decision to go back. There is this program that I applied for that has been so helpful. The people here are just so family oriented never belittling you for whatever level you stand on. I love attending this department because I am welcome to do my homework, get tutored, and discuss my unsolved problems. You never know what might be going on and who you can share your good or bad days with, without worries. However, at any given moment they are the ones I would select. The Instructors are vibrant and understanding in all my classes. Taking their time to help out; making sure you understand before preceeding on to the next assignment. I came from a broken home, relationship and jobless not knowing what to do next, so going back to school is valuable to me nor was it bad idea. Nevertheless, I do not regret making this decision yet I would do it all over again.


My college experience has allowed me to gain different viewpoints on numerous current issues in today?s society. Attending college classes and making student friends provided me with different ideas, increasing my open-mindedness toward many cultural philosophies. My diving classes have given me more knowledge about the human body, chemical balances and psi levels; as well as given me a new hobby. Interpersonal communication classes present uncommon concepts with new ideas, giving me a new way of looking at certain beliefs. International student friends offer different viewpoints toward unique cultures and practices associated with religion, food, and family. Accomplishing projects throughout my classes help keep me motivated toward my goal, helping keep me on track for my major. College is an amazing experience that has helped me open my mind, make friends, and achieve my goals. I feel I am learning to better understand modern day society which will help me in my future once I graduate college. I have learned invaluable ideas, philosophies, and concepts that have changed, not only my viewpoint on life, but is also molding me into a better person.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to take advantage of all the pre-college opportunities that are available to me, like dual enrollment credits. By having those resources and credits out of the way I would have been able to pursue more into my career sooner. I would also tell myself to manage my time better. The transition to college life was a hard switch and to have good time management skills prior to the transition would have made everything that much easier.


Plan ahead. In college nobody's going to push back a quiz, test, or due date just because you missed it. It's true that life happens; you lost it, the schools computers are down, your printer didn't work , or even you had a family obligations, but your Professor still expects your work on time. My first day in class my Professor said that he has empathy, but not sympathy. All of your professor knows what it's like to be a full-time working college student, but all of them knew how to mange thier time and they expect you to do the same . You can't be shelf-centered and say you have too much on your plate, because soem poeple are married and have children, yet they are able to make time to do thier school work and get it in on time. Planning ahead is extremely important to your college career. It's always go to have a plan B; such as making sure the printers works, makeing sure that your work has been saved, and investing in a flash drive. Simple things like these are very basic steps in helping you achive in college.


I would tell myself that life would be easier if I stay at home with Dad and go straight into school. Getting an apartment and living on my own has kept me out of school for two years, and now I feel a bit behind the other students here. Money is also alot harder to come by than it was senior year. The coursework is not particularly difficult-there's just alot of reading outside of class. Bills are so high, however, that I feel the need to work more than study. With all of that in mind, if I could speak to myself senior year, I would say, "Don't give up! High school is hard and senior year is the hardest, but college gets so much easier! Just stay at home with Dad, keep your nose in the books, and you'll be much better off."


Learn to take notes and pay more attention to class. Going from the transition of high school to college is major culture shock, I did not know what to expect. In high school I never took any of my classes seriously but now being in college for about two years I regret it. Also, to get better grades in high school in order for me to be eligible for scholarships. I never realized that college would be expensive with tuition and book money coming out of pocket.


Hey senior me! You'll be in college soon. You will come a long way from that girl in high school and to mature into the freshmen you'll be. Congratualtions! Im proud of you! As you may have heard college is much diffrent than high school. For one the reponsability is all on you; there are no professors constantly naging you about your assainments. However, you kno those late night studies and stressing over projects assigned a week ago and due tommorow? Well college isn't like that you get to see all the assignments you will get at the beginning of the semester and have sometimes even months to prepare. Nothing is a surprise and everything your professor teaches is relavent. Those classes you sit in for the entire year and will never use the material in your life. You choose your own classses in college and therefore they are intersting, so you actually learn. So don't stress so much in high school! College is alot easier than people make it out to be, because you are learning what you like. You're a smart kid take it easy, cause you'll do great in college!


Looking back now, I made a lot of mistakes when it came to choosing the road to my future. If I could go back to the first day of my senior year, I would change so many things, it?s unimaginable. I would warn myself not to contract the oh-so fatal ?senioritis?; I would be sure to tell myself that no matter how frivolous and unimportant this school work seems, it?s affecting my GPA, so I can?t just blow it off. I would stay after school with my teachers ore, because if I had developed a better relationship with them, I probably could have done more extra credit work, and they would have been more understanding. I put off planning for college until the last six weeks of class. That was my biggest mistake. I put off the choices, I missed deadlines, and I?m now paying for it ten times over. I was not accepted to the college of my dreams, therefore I?m stuck going to a local community college and paying for it out of pocket. It?s okay though! I will use my mistakes as a learning experience.


Laziness is not an option for sucess. To get where you want to be in life, you have to have the full motivation and dedication to achieve your dreams. Hard work is required everywhere in life, and even though college may be difficult to handle at first, it'll not only make you stronger but wiser as well. Being young is something that only happens once and having an education is an amazing privledge to recieve in times like these. Never take advantage of what you had gotten for free. Now's the time to step up and to become an adult. This is a turning point in your life and now's the chance to really make mom proud. Good luck, have confidence, do your homework and stay determinded to get your dream.


When I was a senior in high school, I thought college was going to be seeing friends, living without the parents, and having freedom to do whatever I wanted. I was wrong with all of those. I went to Sam Houston State University my first semester of college, but still lived at home. I had to commute those 40 miles every morning to and from school. I thought college was going to be "easy", but I ended up not doing so well at SHSU. If I could go back in time to being a high school senior, I would have told myself that you HAVE to work hard and not slack off in college, or you will ultimately fail. I would of told myself that you can have fun in college, but you have to put work before you play.


I had to pay for my education out of pocket. No one had saved a dime and I was the first in my family to go to college. Totally overwhelmed and burned out, but determined to persevere, I chose to go to the local community college and to stay debt-free. I was not mature enough to attempt college right out of high school and my grades suffered. Maturity is essential to completing a college degree. Many kids fail out because they can not properly make the transition. Choose a major that will help land a job directly out of college. Twelve years later, I am working full-time and still attempting to get my first degree, but I don?t owe anyone a dime. However, I have missed out on the traditional college experience. Others who graduated high school after me are finished college and have moved on. Determine what is most important to you, finishing quickly and having a well known university on your degree, or the long road and not having to pay off loans for the rest of your life.


I would tell myself...Luis, don't have unprotected sex with that chick from starbucks because she doesn't take birth control. Just kidding, I would tell myself to apply for scholarships, grants, and loans. Though I don't regret joining the Navy when I was 17 because it was a great experince and I grew a lot, I would tell myself to keep moving forward because one day I could win an awesome scholarship from Campus Discovery.


If I could speak to a high school senior version of me, I would give myself several pieces of advice. The first would be to take foreign language more seriously. A Bachelor of Arts requires two intermediate language courses and therefore more attention to the subject than the typical high schooler may think. I personally did not take seriously enough what I was doing, and now I am scrabbling to relearn Spanish. The other and more important piece of advice I could give myself would be to take more dual credit classes. Even though I did take a few my senior year, more would not have hurt. Dual credit students pay half the tuition that full time student do, and if they take the class at their high school the class is free, including book. Dual credit affords students many educational benefits, such as smaller class size, fewer classes a semester and earlier graduation. If I had been able to tell myself these two points, my college life would be much smoother now.


I would tell my self not to slack off as much as i did before. High school is the place where it sets your grounds for your study skills and also your homework and classwork habits. To actually take higher level courses helps you achive those skill so that your are able to head in the right direction in college. Instaed of learning how to study, you would actully be studying and learning what you need to pass the class. Another thing i would like to adivce myself in is that if i would be able to reasearch more about the many majors and school out there so that i wasn't lost in everything when i came to college, and also that way i didn't spend as much money or time as i did on just finding out what major i wanted to study. My last advice i would give my self is that i should have done more volunteer work in varies diffrent place so that i was opened to the many diffrent job options that are out there. That way i would know all the options that are out there for me.


If i were to go back to senior year i would inform myself to take more challenging classes as a senior. I would tell myself to not slack off just because its the last year of high school because it only gets harder moving on to make a better life for myself. I would inform myself about looking into every career and to talk with my counsler about colleges that would offer the degree plan that i thought fit me best. I wouldnt discourage the fact to go to community college to save money and get my basics out of the way, but i would inform myself to check for the classes i needed for my major in order to make the best of every year. The last thing i would tell myself is to not listen to what everyone else has in their mind for my future but instead go with what makes myself feel i will be successful and to work hard for whatever dreams i have.


I would advise myself to take the time to enjoy high school while I could because from then on it wouldn't get any simpler. I would also tell myself to save up as much money as I could because college expenses add up. It's a jungle out there if you're not prepared you'll get eaten alive!


There are many things I would say if I could go back in time and speak to myself as a college senior, but most importantly, I would tell myself not to worry. At the time, I was struggling about choosing a major and a school. I was frightened of the process, and intimidated by all the paperwork yet to be done. Now, having applied and chosen my major and school, I can see that all the worry was in vain. I would go back and tell myself to enjoy my last year of high school instead of worrying about the future. I would remind myself that I cannot control the future, and encourage myself not to worry. I would also go back and tell myself that all students go through the same thing, and that I was not alone in my fears.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school senior self, I would say not to limit myself to 2- year schools and apply to universities instead. Also, I would say that I should get use to reading and writing lots of papers. Another is to not procrastinate, it would just cause me stress. Most Important thing I could think of is to learn how to drive. It can help to be more independent, and I would lean less to have my parents taking me everwhere.


First off, I would have stopped myself from dropping Pre- Calculus. I decided to take it easy my last year and I skipped my math, and I decided not to take my SAT or ACT. I thought it was a waste of time. I then graduated and realized I needed those scores to help me get into college and to help me receive scholarships. I took advanced placement classes and never filled out the forms for National Honor Society, which were sent to me several times. I just didn't want to take five minutes out of my day. I threw many opportunities out the door. My last change and the most important, I would of focused on school and not the boy I was with. I refused to fill out any college applications so I would not have to leave him, instead he stayed in high school and left me for another girl. I ignorantly allowed myself to set my future back for a one sided love. That is a mistake I regret and always will. So, basically I would focus on school and not care about the opposite sex. I would do what was right for me.


Making the transition from high school to college is not an easy step for young adults. If only I could go back and give myself some adcvice maybe, just maybe, things would be different. First, I would tell myself to listen to my elders. Talk to as many adults who have been through college, or are currently enrolled in college, as I can. They are the ones who will be most beneficial. The friends you are currently in school with are in the same boat as you. They are doing what they "think" is right but they lack experience and wisdom. Why try to reinvent the wheel? Secondly, focus, focus, focus! When it's all said and done, you are the one who makes your future; not your friends! Thirdly, but equally important, always strive to be the best. A passing grade isn't good enough. Strive to make the A! When your quizes and tests are graded and returned go back and re-evaluate your answers. It can make the difference in understanding concepts. Last, but not least, the world is always changing. Always evolving. Be prepared to make adjustments. Live with honesty, integrity and committment.


Going back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior I would stress the importance of persistance and also dedication. I've come to realize in order to be successful in college you need both of these attributes because of the level of difficulty each class carries along with it. A lot of high school seniors, myself included, became lazy due to it being their last year of high school and don't realize how important it is to stay on course even during tedious exercises. Looking back, I can see the correlation between those stressful problems and the importance of having the ability to not be bogged down with stress and anxiety. Much of college tests each students perseverance in dealing with such problems to prepare them for the real world. Dedication to one's studies also ranks detrimental to the success one wishes to achieve while attending college and preparing for one's future career. I would tell myself to remain dedicated and not get lazy in order to routine myself upon arrival into the college life.


If I could go back in time and talk to me as a high school senior there are several things I would say. First of all I would tell myself to go ahead and start taking some college credit classes. Usually they are less expensive, because you are still in high school, but even if they are not you can take them as dual credit classes. With dual credit classes you are, figuratively, killing two birds with one stone, because you have to take several of the same classes in high school and in college. So you might as well take them for both high school and college all in one class. The last thing I would say would be, do not spend all of your time stressing about what you want to be. God will let you know when the time is right. Plus the first year to two years is just basics. Oh one last thing?Good Luck


If I could go back in time I would have definitely told myself to become more aware of the financial situation that will take place. Like the tuition cost, room and board, food, and club fees; instead of counting on mama to tell me everything. I would have told myself to research the policies, interest rates, and payment plans of the companies I decided to get a loan from. There were so many terminologies I didn?t understand because I didn?t take out the time to actually get to know what they meant. Another thing I would have told myself was to ask questions. In the beginning I didn?t like asking questions but I found out the hard way that if you ask you will be answered, if you don?t then you can?t receive help. So in other words speak up! Lastly I will tell myself to be more organized. It?s my money that I?m wasting if I don?t have my organizational skills together. I would have saved a lot of time if I were organized. In conclusion, research and organization is the key to a successful and less stressful college experience.


Fill out as many scholarships as possible because you will need the money. Try to be involved in school activities and clubs because it matters in the long run. Do not be procrastinate and try to make the best grades possible. Keep your old notes from school and remember the material because you will need to remember it. Meet people other than your friends, from school, that have plans to go to the same college. Be prepared to lose some people because they will not last in college.


I often wish I could go back to my senior year in high school, and I know exactly what advice I would give myself . I am currently in a remedial math class and it's such a struggle to get through these programs, when I know for certain I have a hold on the material. I took Algebra classes in high school and made straight A's but college is so much different. The level of learning and applying, is much higher and you have to study, work, and apply yourself much more than in high school. I just wish my senior year, I could have seen ahead to the future; I know I would have told myself to work harder, study more, and devote more energy and time to my school work. My senior year, I took Pre-Cal and most of my knowledge of previous algebra, was out the window. I would have known the material inside and out, and prevented wasting time and money on subjects I already have a grasp on. Since I can't change the future, all I can do is look forward, and try my best, work my hardest at everything I do.


I would ask myself "If money was an object where would I go? and if money was not an object where would I go? and it should be the same place." You are going to do great when you are in a place you want to be.


?Do not quit school to work! You can do both, regardless of what you think, and it will be the most rewarding accomplishment of your life. Apply for scholarships! They will prepare you for your assignments and are absolutely worth the time they take to complete. Do not think that you cannot make it into the colleges you are hoping to enter; do not let your assumptions stop you from trying for the best that you are able to. Life comes fast, yes, but you can keep up. Do not allow discouragement to make you squander five years of your life that you could have been applying towards a degree!?


make sure that the counselors know how you are so that its easier to get in and out of the office.


I am a College Freshman and I learned a lot about college life. If I could go back in time I would have told myself to organize my scholarships better so things would be smoother if I had started on my scholarships in 11th grade. I was a hard worker on my scholarships in my high school senior year, but I have become better. I started my job on April 2007-March 2008 and the money I made at work I could have used to get a car, save for college, and open a Roth IRA account for retirement. If I would have managed my money better my apartment emergency fund would be set . I would tell myself to let go of the past and learn from it. Even through I did not manage my money well in the past I will have no regrets because I am doing it in the present.


As a college freshman I would tell my high school self to not procrastinate, look for scholarships, and go to class. I would look back and tell myself to join more clubs and really be a part of things because all community service and organizations build responsibility you will need in college. "Keep your grades up" is another thing that I would tell myself because grades are important to get into the college of your choice and also to recive scholarships that you may really need.