Lone Star College System Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


It's cheaper and I can get the same basics done at the 4 year university.


I consider the atmosphere the best thing about my school. There are many clubs one can join and the students are all kind and welcoming. There is a lot of diversity among the college.


The best thing about my college for me is that is so convient to everything. I like it that being an older student that I do not feel awkward going to class and being with a bunch of students right out of high school. The classes are a little more diverse in the evenings. I am still able to work a full time job and still attend any classes that I want in the evenings. That is the greatest thing for me! I am able to work,attend college, and have a family. What could be great than that!


I love how my college works hands on with students. The counselors will sit down with you and help you pick the best classes for your schedule and your major. I love how the proffesors really care about your well being both as a student and as an individual. The small classroom setting provides an interactive learning environment and one on one time with your proffesor. The teachers are very helpful with tutoring options and are willing to arrange the best opportunities for your schedule. They really care about your education and are willing to help you personally with studies.


The best thing about this school i am currently attending is that i have spent less money to finish a full school year instead of wasting a full year at an expensive university not knowing exactly what i want to do with my life. I have gotten the chance to clear a year of basics and save thousands of dollars for one year while choosing the career path that i truely want to pursue. WIth the same basics that an expensive college offers, I can now transfer to a larger college with the credits i have earned from community college.


The best thing about my school is it is close to home. This great because I can save money on housing by staying with my parents, especially with how times are right now with the economy.


My school gave each student an equal opportunity to make the most of themselves, whether it be through academic, athletic or other extra curricular activities. The importance of these 3 options stress necessary skills in the real world such as critical thinking and problematic solution solving, team work as well as finding one's own niche in certain groups within the community and being effective in that group.


The best thing about my school is the size. I enjoy being able to fall into the transition of college slowly and easily. If I were attending a large university, the classes would be close to 40 people and the teachers wouldn't know your name, or anything about you. My school allows for a sense of family and comfort which I don't think can be found very many places.


What I enjoy the most about my community college is the student activities. I will major in Interpreter Training Technology and provide the students with different ways to prepare us for the real world. They have the Deaf culture club, social events to practice American Sign Language, and an Interpreter Job fair. My community college offers college and community events. In addition to a leadership summit. My community college does not only provide academic rewards, but also to provide me to be more of a well rounding person.