Long Beach City College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


LBCC is a good college to start, but it all depends on how you make it.


My school is a liberal arts college that puts a big focus on diversity and community.


I attend a very diverse school that gives their very diverse students a variety of opportunities, from accademics and sports to clubs and jobs.


Long Beach City College is actually two campuses and both offer a variety of classes and majors to help their students succeed.


My school is fun, enjoyable and so much social interaction. It is a place of opportunities where you can achieve your goals and succeed. Diversity is big and diversification is common within Long Beach City College. Teachers and students interact in the same level to achieve goals together. It is the school where teachers are willing to help the students accomplish what they set their selves up too. Everything is possible and nothing is impossible.


LBCC has diverse programs and job training with frequent emphasis is geared toward employement at the Port of Long Beach.


My school is an enviorement where diffrent cultures of people have the oppurtunity to make their lives better, everyday I go to school diffrent doors are open and available to me therefore allowing me to experience education in many diffrent ways. My teachers are very helpful and the atmosphere is open to anyone who wants an education first hand, my classes are close together allowing me to be on time to everyday. I am currently going through the process of applying for financial aid and so far so good the couselors and advisors have been very helpful with questions.


University of Nebraska at Omaha is a place to better your mind and future.


Long Beach City College offers a richly diverse slice of the Long Beach community with various ethnic, social, economic, and cultural backgrounds coming together under the many umbrellas of learning; furthermore, the class sizes are small which affords students the opportunity to build lasting beneficial relationships with instructors and the campus has a continuously growing rabbit population that adds to the school's already welcoming ambiance and charm.


Long Beach City College caters to to the various needs of a vastly diverse student body, from middle aged housewives broadening their skill set, to young scholars aiming to transfer into four year universities.


Lbcc has excellent teachers, challenging curriculum and rich extracurricular clubs and functions.

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