Long Beach City College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Very helpful, very friendly.


My classmates are sometimes strangers, sometimes acquaintances.


School starts on August 25th. The question which is being asked can therefore not be answered yet


Everyone seems mature, as if they don't care for friends beacuse they just want to focus on school and get everything out of the way. They're friendly but no one goes to lengths to make/keep friends. They're not as uptight as I make them out to be, but its not like high school; where you make friends so you can have someone to talk to in class or hang out with. You just make friends here so you can catch up if you miss a day or a lecture.


My classmates are eager to learn, and willing to help others.


My classmate are like family; we love each other and help each other when times are tough, and we can always count on each other for anything.


My classmates are widely diverse. I have classmates that are just out of high school and others that are well into their fifties. I am a full time student and I am on my third semester; therefore I have had the interaction with various age and ethnic groups. My school is multi-everything. When I first enrolled I thought I would be intimidated by the younger students. As it turns out, most have been very polite and somehow sensitive to the fact that I am a returning student.

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