Long Beach City College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend Long Beach City College is any student persuing a college degree. I think that community college should be the first step for every college student as junior high is for high school. I believe that community college is often the missing step in students being successful in the pursuit of their 4 year degrees.


I think that a studious and devoted person should want to attend this college because most likely they are there to get a great education and a higher level to get them to the career that they want to pursue. This kind of person would actually want to get up and do something with their life and have a great career.


Students that attend this school should be motivated and dedicated. They need to be hard working and determind to success. A person who is ready to learn and further their education.


A person that is hard-working, determined, passionate, and wants to better their life, and ultimately their future. Anyone can go to UNO, as long as they not only want to learn new things in the classroom, but to learn new things about themselves. If they want to become a better standing person in their community, and actually learn how to have a voice in this world, then this is definitely a school to consider.


The kind of person that should attend Long Beach City College is someone who is ready to get onto a good start with their education and learning abilities and isnt ready to attened a four-year university and take its rigorous courses.


Anyone. I see people of all ages and race. As long as you are willing to commit and devote yourself to your education/career!

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