Long Beach City College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


To visit a counselor as soon as possible and make sure to sign up early!


I wish I had known that there was no reason to be nervous. I expected to be in classes that were going to be so hard but I am adapting well to all of my current classes. I am happy to say that everyone treats me with respect and I am so happy I chose to come here.


I wish I would have known what I want to major in. I still wish that I knew what that is, I'm stressed out because there are a lot of things I want to study but not what I want to have a career in. I'm scared that i'll make the wrong choices, choose the wrong classes or end up wasting all my time and money and get nowhere.


I wish I would have known that college doesn't have as much structure as high school. I also wish that I would have known that in college nothing is free.


I wish I had known about the services the school provides to help you succeed. When you are a new student you do not know much about the college and their programs because they are not widely announced and brought to the students attention.


The thing that I wish I would have known before coming to this school would have to be how to choose the correct classes that correspond to my intended major. I ended up taking extra courses that were not necessary for me to take and this took away from time I could have spent on required classes.


I had a brother who attended that school for three years and never received a Certificate or an Associate Degree. So with his experience it gave me an impression that community colleges don't work they just want money from the government. I still went to the college it never bothered me to go for an AA when I was fresh out of high school. I took a change in my life to take a step forward and I?m going for my AA and I should Graduate for Long Beach City College in Spring 2011 when I' am 21.


How to obtain scholarships.


What major I would be going into, how isolated people are, how much learning you have to do on your own, how to manage your time, how to manage your budget, where to go and where to do things on campus, and...finally, learning that I'm completely on my own.

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