Long Beach City College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Long Beach City College (LBCC) is the quality its professors. Besides being knowledgeable about the subject matter they are assigned to teach, the professors from LBCC demonstrate a vast experience in their fields. In more than one occasion LBCC teachers will leave textbooks and syllabus on a side in order impart knowledge that will be useful beyond classrooms’ walls. They are also flexible with their schedules, and they are very responsible in responding students’ inquiries promptly and grading assignments on time.


The best thing about my school is that it allows and encourages originallity. Everyone is very open to all different outlooks and walks of life.


Long Beach City College is a place where I can start to make my dreams come true. At first I was unsure whether or not to attend the college, but now that I am there I am happy with the decision I made because I have great counselors that are helping me with my education. I am now sure of what is going to take me to reach my educational goal. Thanks to the college I have also visited different Universities which have given me an idea of where I want to go next.


Long Beach City College is very convenient and affordable way for people to get their education. It has two campus locations which are very accessible to most freeways. Also they have night, Saturday and online classes which gives working parents to get their education at their own convenience. They also provide great student services such as health services, online counseling and financial aid.


The best thing that I consider best about my school is the counseling. Every counselor that I have met at Long Beach City College was willing to help me find and choose classes that were best for me. They would also mentor me and help me make wise desicions in choosing classes.


The best thing about my school is its educators. I have never attended college before, and as my first time in college I appreciate having educators that are wanting to teach the students. Most of the instructors that I have had l have their PH.D's. or have authored / written books. That is very impressive and inspiring to me. I have had all of them give the class valuable advice, not just academic but life advice. The second best thing is the ambiance of the school, it is well kept and makes it a joy to go to school.


The best thing about my school is that it has two convenient locations which offer flexible class times and a variety of resources. It has two well equiped libraries, computer labs, and good parking lots. It is constantly being improved to better serve the students and help them achieve their educational goals.


The services like Counseling services (career, personal, school), Transfer Services, Job and Career Services, Health services, EOPS, DSPS, etc. The services that LBCC has is the best thing about it because they help a student, who has never been there and doesn't know what to do or where to go, find themselves and guide them into the right direction. I think that all students should take advantage of these services, they really do help.

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