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My school does not have a football team, however it has just as much, if not more, school spirit as larger schools with teams. We have a very close knit community and lean on each other, students and faculty alike. Longwood is my home. Classes are small and professors know every student by name and face and are invested in each student's success.


Longwood's main goal, besides giving an education, is to make their students leaders. Any univeristy or college can give an education, but Longwood also teaches their students how to use their knowledge along with leadership.


Because our school is a medium sized school, it makes it easy to meet people. Almost everyone knows everyone and it's so hard to not find a person on campus you can relate too. I think this makes our campus unique. Not many colleges or universites can say that they have such a close student body. This not only includes students, but teachers and faculty as well.


Longwood University, though a small college in a small town, offers so many opportunities. I've met people from around the world and am about to start Grad school abroad because of it. I even lived with a student from China for a year! I also got to work on the Dos Passos Review, the literary journal run out of Longwood, which allowed me to work with a great group of people and travel to Denver, CO for the AWP conference. Longwood's small size allowed me to know my professors and have opportunies not avaiable at large schools.


While I visited LU's campus I had to be at a certain building for a tour, so I asked a girl that just happened to walk by for directions. She kindly informed me on exactly where I needed to go. On the other hand while visiting NCSU (a large school) I once again asked a girl where a certain build was for my tour and she said she was unaware of where it was. I when asked two more students before finding someone to point me in the right direction. Longwood's size made me feel right at home.


The thing that is unique about Longwood University is that 4 sororities were founded there. I find that to be a really cool trait as most schools are lucky to have even one founded there. It definitely influenced my want to be involved in Greek life.


It's small and easy to get around in. I like the small classrooms, and the student-professor ratio.


Longwood had the environment I loved, small classes and the town around it is centered around the school, everything is easy to get to. It was just comfortable being here, especially with how easily everyone accepts you no matter who you are. It sounds cliche, but Longwood really did just feel like home away from home, even when I just visited.


The personalized attention: every professor knows me by name.


i absolutely loved my time there! best 4 years of my life!


Longwood is small enough where the teachers can form a bond with his or her students; providing personal almost one-on-one learning.


It's centered around a small-town atmosphere, which I was attracted to as a nervous Freshman. It also offered a great 5-year plan for Education majors (I am an English-Education major).


There is a lot of tradition that my school holds high in Greek Life. We are the only school left in the country that still wears sorority jumpers for special recrutiment occasions. We are also a fairly small school with a close, tight-knit community feel. The small campus creates an environment that makes students feel secure and at home, contrary to the surrounding town which is very poor and is known to have a lot of gang involvement.


Our school has a lot of traditions such as secret organizations called Chi and Princeps. The students that are secretly selected to be in the organizations uphold good standing with the university, good academic standing and are involved in one or more other organizations on campus. Traditions such as these and others like color wars at oktoberfest, and spring weekend events are what help create the Longwood spirit . It is so easy to just walk around campus and just "feel" the history and the spirit of longwood with our unique traditions. This is one thing I ten to brag about.

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