Longwood University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Longwood is a very accessible school with all the resources you need to succeed. If you are a low income student, they work very hard to help you with financial aid. There are a lot of scholarships from alumni, endowments, and local businesses to help students of all backgrounds and majors. If you are struggling to pay for school, Longwood's community will help you.


Longwood University feels like home as soon as you step on campus. Everyone is friendly and will stop to talk to you if you ask. It has amazing clubs and extracirricular activities, which allow you to go out and meet many members of the student body. Campus events are some of the most fun I've ever had. I feel a great sense of community because it is a smaller school, and you get to know so many people.


I brag about how many friends I've made since I've been here. Most everyone is so friendly and welcoming, and there are plenty of organizations and clubs to get involved with. Everyone has a place here at Longwood University.


It's in a historic and quaint town of Farmville where the whole town seems to revolve around the school. I love that it's a small school with small classes so I never feel lost in the crowd! Plus they have an AMAZING education program so I know that will be important when it comes time to get a job.


First would have to be the size of the classrooms. All of my professors, even for my general education requirements, recognize me on campus and know me by name. This is incredibly convenient as I can easily receive recommendations for just about anything. Secondly, the study abroad programs are amazing! There are two-week and semester programs that take care of general education and major requirements. Basically, if you want to go somewhere to study, they will get you there. What I will miss most when I graduate is the gym - it is the best I have EVER been in.


I talk about the small class size, the convenient location, and great faculty! The student programs are awesome and the sports are good. Most importantly, it is located in the heart of Virgina; it is within 3 hours of the mountains, the beach, Nova, and the Raleigh-Durham, NC area.


I brag about the people I've met, I love them like if not more than family. Occassionally you feel like you're in hell, but you're never alone.


My close relationship with the head of my department. We work together extensively and we also can have non-academic discussions. It's common for us to eat lunch together about once a month.


That our classes do not 45 plus students in them. We are able to have one on one with the professors and they know us by name and not number.

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