Longwood University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst part about Longwood University is the fact that freshman are not allowed to have cars on campus. This is the worst part because of how often i would like to go home. I unfortantly can not travel home with out my parent coming to get me. That is hard to do when your parent works full time.


I haven't found anything that I don't like about my school so far. I love everything about it; the size, the professors, and all the nursing professors and administators are some of the most approachable people I've met. The only thing I'm having problems with is financial aid. I had a bit of trouble my second semester and when it ended my GPA dropped and now I'm having problems getting financial aid. It's fair what they are doing but I feel the process should be more lenient for first year students.


Consistently changing program requirements, and no one having the same answer to your questions related to the changes.


Very structured to people who want to go into education.


Longwood is pretty expensive because it is a small school. Every year the board of visitors gets together and raises the tuition so it's a little upseting but somewhat understandable do to the state of the economy. Other larger schools do have lower tuition but much larger class sizes so its a bit of a double egdged sword.


Again, the worst thing would be the location. There's not much to do outside of campus activities - there's a bowling alley, a movie theater, a Putt-Putt course, and a Wal-Mart.


Just that it is a super small town, so sometimes weekends can be really boring. A lot of people go out and party, but that's not really for me. So I would like more variety of things to do on weekends. For example, Oktoberfest was so much fun and that was a great weekend. Also, I did club field hockey, but now that the season is over, weekends are just filled with watching movies and facebook.


The worst thing about Longwood University would have to be their parking policy. Freshmen are not allowed to drive unless under special circumstances. However, once a student is eligible to park on campus, there are lack of parking places for paying students to park. Also, there are no spaces for visitors to park on campus. Longwood is also inconsistant with it's parking policies of where visitors can and cannot park. For instance, a visitor can park in one spot one day and the next day get a ticket in the same spot, it all depends on whose working.


I believe the focus on fraternity/sorority events is the worst thing about my campus.


The worst aspect of Longwood is the cost. This is a problem with many colleges, but Longwood is raising its tuition prices over the next few years. For those of us who still face graduate school or medical school, the costs are becoming overwhelming. I would like to see lower prices for room and board, or the meal plan, as a compromise for the price increases.


My least favorite part about Longwood is that the advisors are not very clear on what classes you need to take, and how many you need to take per semester in order to graduate on time. As a transfer student, I have had to figure out most of this for myself. As far as I know, I am on track, but that is mostly because of my own diligence to make sure I am taking the classes I need to, not because of the assistance from my advisor.


I think that the worst thing about Longwood would probably be that sometimes it is hard to get paperwork figured out because the university is very technology based and you can't always talk to a person face to face to get answers which I find very frustrating in some situations.




the size of the town around the college is the worst part. off campus housing is difficult to get because of how small the town is and there is not too much to do around farmville. having a small town although does give a comfortable feel to attending college in farmville because the people are all very nice and love the students.


The police here are more focused on getting the students into trouble then protecting them. Students here feel like they can not walk across campus at night without getting stopped by a police officer. The parking siuation for off campus students is also the worst thing about this school seeing how we get parking tickets for almost all of the parking spaces.

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