Longwood University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone that must have a big city look and feel to their school should not attend Longwood University. There are limited options for shopping so most people have to travel at least an hour to go to the stores they would like. Longwood is a small college, so if you want a sense of anonymity at your school, Longwood University is not for you. Although you don't know everyone, it's not hard to know all the people you see on a day-to-day basis.


I think that people who previously lived in large urban cities should not attend longwood. Farmville, Va is extremlely rual. There isnt much to do around here, and i know students that are from large cities will not like this area.


If you're from a big city, you'll hate Farmville. It's a small town with not a whole lot going on (even though I heard it recently got a Hookah bar...)


Longwood University accepts a diverse population. I believe Longwood University is an ideal university for all persons interested in going to college.


I would just say somebody who doesn't want to go to school and learn. Longwood accepts all kinds of people, but we should not have negative students coming to our school. The environment here at Longwood now is great!


Someone who is lazy and not willing to put out the effort needed in the classroom everyday.


Every can succeed at this school, even the partiers. I wouldn't attend Longwood if you don't like the country or a small community feel.


Anyone who likes big cities or gets bored easily. There isn't a lot to do, unless you know where to look or who to go with, and even then sometimes there isn't much, unless you go to Richmond or Lynchburg.


Those who enjoy big cities, entertainment, and corporately retail, other than WalMart, should not attend this school. Those who are really conservative should also not come to this school; in general, we are a liberal campus and those who oppose generally don't fit in well, especially in the College of the Arts. Those who have a problem with a GLBTQA presence also should not come here because Longwood University has a high lesbian percentage for a small campus.


A person who likes not seeing the same people everyday or being in a small, tight knit community should not come to Longwood University. Here we are all familiar with most of the faces and are voluntarily helpful to any and everyone. This community is friendly and close so people looking for a place to hide, a big non-interactive community should shy away from Longwood.


I think that any person who has not matured enough to work hard in high school or is not willing to work hard in college should not attend Longwood University. Longwood University is a very diverse school that works hard at helping students adjust and do well, but that does not mean that it is a good place for slackers.


Anyone looking for a large student population or an urban setting should not attend Longwood.


People that shouldn't attend this school would have to be those who don't want to get to know the professors, want to go to a well known school, and have city experience where there are places to shop and hang out.


Anyone could attend and do fine here. However, if you don't like small classes or rural areas then this isn't the place for you.


Someone who wants to attend a huge university, where the professor's don't know individual students' names should not attend this school. Also, people that want to live in or near the city.


I feel like there is a place for all Longwood students. Anyone who goes here will fit in with someone.

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