Lorain County Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to study harder and do the best I can. I would tell myself to apply for more scholarships. Go to a community college and take all the classes you can before going to a larger university because it is cheaper. Also adjusting to dorm and college life is not as easy as you may think.


Dear 18 year old me, Know that the older you get, the kinder you will become, and the kinder your friends will become. You will naturally be pulled to people with the same goals and dreams that you have. What may make you weird now, will make you desirable later. Know that you are fearless now, and remember how that feels. Remember to hug your friends and family as much as possible. I can tell you now, that some family members and very dear friends, won't be around later. In fact, hug your very best, lifelong friend, as much as you can. He will be gone before you are 30. Trust your instinct. Be proud that you always stuck up for the under-dog. Know that the compassion you had, for the kid in the cafeteria, that had nobody to sit with, is part of your character. That character will bring you success in your future. Your combined kindness and drive for intelligence, will make you a person that people want to know. I am proud of the person that we have become. We are beautiful. We are an athlete. We are smart. We are you.


I have gotten a large amount of experience and knowledge out of my college edution thus far. The experiences and challenges that I have faced during my one semester at this college have helped my to understand the real world better, as well as learn how to be self-motivated and organized. The professors and personal at this college are always available for help and counseling. It has been extremely valuable for me to attend this colllege because I am furthering my education and preparing myself for the real world. I am also gaining the knowledge and experience required to attain a high-paying career.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself when I was a high school senior, I would take that oppertunity in a heart beat. I would tell myself not to rush through the college picking process. I went to Ohio University and hated it. So, knowing what I know now, I would have not choosen to go to Ohio University. I would have applied to a lot of different schools and really thought about where I wanted to go.


If I could go back in time now and talk myself through high school I would change a few things I did in high school. In high school I recieved excellent grades, but I was the type of student that did not have to study very much in order to obtain these grades. Now in college I have to study quite often and I find myself not knowing the proper way to study. Therefore I would tell myself to study more often in high school and learn the techniques before going to college. I would also suggest reading more frequently, text books, novels, magazines, any form of reading. I feel this would increase my vocabulary and make me a quick more fluent reader, therefore helping me obtain information quicker. Lastly I would tell myself to be outgoing and friendly with my classmates. College is about making new friend and meeting new people and doing this is very diffucult not having made the effort to go outside of my high school group and meet new people. These few subtle adjustments during my high school career could have made a huge difference in my college lifestyle.


I would tell myself to save my money!! Thats the only thing I'm having trouble with in college. I would also to tell myself to keep up the good grades, since I am doing well in college. I would also say to myself to get out and explore and don't be afraid to meet new people. And finally, I would tell myself to have fun and enjoy college!


I would tell myself to GO TO COLLEGE and get the college experience. DON'T throw away your hopes and dreams because it seems unreachable. There are ways to pay for college even though your life is hard. Your father is an alcoholic and neither parent did anything with their lives outside of high school. YOU can be the first in your family to achieve it! YOU can be the first generation college graduate! DO IT! Don't be afraid of the hard work. Don't be afraid of change. Your friends will all disappear within the next year and go their own ways. Don't stay here for them. Stop being afraid to be better than the life you've lived so far and just DO IT! YOU can get financial aid, scholarships and grants if you really truly want it. Chase your dreams and do not ever let anyone tell you that they're out of reach. They're not - not for you!


Since I am a senior, I will say that i should have studied harder in all my other years in high school so that i had a better chance at getting more scholarships.


With the experience so far, the only advice I would give myself would be to prepare a little sooner for school. Although I've known what I've wanted to do, I didn't know to prepare the best I could. With my brother in school and the financial situation the way it is, I would've been more aggressive in my savings and school choices. The school is fine, the people and instructors are fine, but I limited my choices because of my preparation.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, know what I know about college life I would say, enjoy it. Classes are worth taking and learning, not just getting credit so you can get out. The few on-campus classes that I have taken have changed my life. I have worked and completed the classes, but it wasn?t until I let myself enjoy the class, my fellow students, and the material that I really enjoyed school. Knowing that I have spent so many years there and not connected with people is crazy and almost shameful. Enjoy what you are learning because all too soon it will be over.


If i could go back and tell myself, as a senior, what i know now, as a freshman in college, i would say to mainly stay focused. Although it didnt seem like i was going to use any of the free education i was receiving from high school, i did! I would also tell myself that studying, staying focused and taking high school more seriously would all be worth it, even if at times it seemed unneccessary. I would even say taking classes that I didnt "need" to graduate, for example trig and PSEO english, but knew would help me out in college, would all be worth the extra stress. I was a typical high school student who just wanted to get out of there and graduate, but now that i look back i realize i should have taken it more seriously and tried alot harder. You know what they say, you live and learn!


I would tell myself to stop being so boy crazy and just focus on my acedemics.


Going back in time, I would tell myself to attend the school that would offer me the most amount of money to go to school, not to worry about my social life as much as applying for scholarships, to take a few minutes out of my day to apply for two to three scholarships a week. I would also advise myself not to spend as much money and only to spend it if I need to, for instance gasoline for my car or my cell phone bill, because I can use what I have saved towards my college education. If I went back in time I would also advise myself not calling off of work for hanging out for a couple of hours with friends so that I can earn more money towards my education to make it easier on myself. However, I would also tell myself to enjoy my senior year as much as possible because it flys out the window just as fast as it began.


Working through college at the same time as highschool is one piece of advice I have for myself. After being homeschooled for my whole school career, I didn't get the real effect of a classroom learning. One thing I should have done was transfer into a highschool my freshman year, and then attend college as a PSEO student my Jr. and Senior years. Making the transition straight from homeschooling into college courses has been quite a stretch. When I was doing all homeschool classes I never felt like I was being pushed academically, but seeing the amount of work in college compared to highschool work is a large difference. Going to highschool for a few years before I started college classes would have helped me in the class room setting, but after my first semester of college, during highschool, I have passed all my classes. The feeling of achieving college classes while in highschool is very fullfilling. That is the main advice I would have given myself a few years ago.


I would tell myself that it is an entirely different stage of life, and to be honest, it is a far better stage of life. You are with people who are going where you are going and it is more likely you will meet people with similar interests. I truly believe the friendships I've developed in college are stronger than any of the friendships I've had before and surrounding myself with people who are headed in the same direction as I am helps me stay focused on my future and my success. It also makes me feel my relationships have more meaning behind them. In a sense, I feel I found myself during these last two years in college. I've learned so much in and out of the classroom and I became a more level headed, stronger, individual and my family and I are benefiting from it one hundred percent. It would truly be a shame for anyone to miss out on such a wonderful experience. Take it seriously, work hard, but don't forget to enjoy yourself because this opportunity only comes once and time doesn't stop for anyone.


In college there are a lot of papers to write. I would suggest making sure you pay close attention in english class. Learning both the apa and mla paper formats are very important when it comes to writing research papers. Also, work on your study skills, being able to study well can definitely help you in your college courses since the tests are much harder. Study groups and flashcards are very helpful.