Loras College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A small-knit community with the chance to learn inside the classroom and grow as an individual outside of it.


Here at a liberal arts school, academics are a big focus but are not overbearing; giving us plenty of time to socialize and not become too overly stressed.


Loras College promotes active learning, reflective thinking, responsible contributing, and ethical decision making in the academic and community settings.


The people at this school make it what it is and that is a great place.


Loras College is the school to attend if a person is looking for a Catholic Liberal Arts education that helps a person to grow and develop through encouragement of active learning, ethical decision making, and social students, by teachers that care.


Loral College is a religous school.


A very unique place that is small enough to get a good education, yet big enough to meet new people; its a wonderful institution to be a part of and I'm glad I chose to come here.


My school is a small liberal arts college full of big opportunites and people who are there to support the students along their journey.


Loras College is great, it has really prepared me for the real world, if I had the chance to do it all over again I would in a minute.


Loras is a very beautiful campus, with plenty of clubs, groups and sports for everyone to be involved.


This is a small, liberal arts college with hardworking and athletic students who reward themselves with a good time on the weekends.


Loras is a supportive community where students are given the tools to grow into responsible, ethical, and thoughtful people while at the same time learning the skills they will need to further their careers.


Loras College is very community based; my school provides places and activities for students to get to know and even better their community on campus and in the surrounding area.


Loras is more concerned about getting people to come to their college based on TV Ads on how great it is socailly, not so much based on academics.


Love the school except the houseing and meal plan


A community-based education, with a slight christian influence.


When I think of Loras I think about the beautiful old buildings, the hills, and of course of professors who are willing to help you understand anything you need help with.