Loras College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are a genuine and determined group of students, who are outgoing and dedicated to success.


Everyone is very friendly and likes to meet new people.


My classmates here at Loras are a very strange mix of people from partiers to honors students, and they balance eachother out.


All Loras College students are dedicated to their classwork being active learners, reflective thinkers, ethical decision makers, and responsible contributors.


My classmates are similar to what I had in high school; there are some super-smart people, some not-so-smart people, however I believe that the intelligence level of my classmates will increase as I move on past the gen-ed classes and into my major-specific classes.


My classmates show up to class on time, are very engaged and know everyone in the class with them.


My classmates are helpful, out going, organized, and goal oriented.


My classmates are very friendly and kind. Most of them are well rounded in knowing what to do in college and are determened to do good.


My classmates are easy to get along with and ready to help out when necessary.


My classmates are not afraid to talk about crazy theories or subjects that might make people uncomfortable like sex or how college students really spend their weekends.


Loras is a small school with small class sizes, hence you know your classmates very closely and hang out with them a lot.


My classmates all seem to be really nice and friendly.


My classmates are fun-loving, hard-working, and value-based people; the school attempts to teach students to become ethical decision makers, responsible contributers, reflective thinkers, and active learners, and said efforts from the school attract students of certain character.


Class mates either are total drunks or goody to shoes


Almost all my classmates live in the same dorm building and we have all become one big family, one that is always there for you.