Loras College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Loras is proud of its small, private, Catholic, and liberal arts foundation and setting and it is exactly that. In a matter of a year and a half, one is able to recognize and form relationships with students, faculty, and staff on-campus, creating a network of support for students.


Loras is best known for its liberal arts (well rounded) education and its focus on Inquiry Based Learning and gaining experience in your field before graduation.


Around the Dubuque area Loras college differentiates from other higher education facilities through the fact that it is a "laptop campus". I feel that Loras does an amazing job at giving their students the resources needed to graduate. It is a great advantage against the other schools in the area because it makes class projects and homework much easier and less stressful for the students knowing that their is staff to help if something goes wrong with your computer.


I would have to say from personal experience the kindness and good vibes you get from every single person on campus.


Loras was the first college in Iowa--it was an all-men's college (seminary, specifically) and converted to co-ed after it became Loras; it was previously Columbia College. We have a large amount of South American and Latin American students who study here. There is a large tolerance for race, sexual orientation, economic status, family life, and any disability that a person may have.


Several things including it's campus ministry and education and science.