Loras College Top Questions

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My school's factuality and student relationships are very unique. The faculty do whatever they can to guide the students in the right field. Since the class sizes are small every student can get one on one time in with a professor.


Loras College offer's a homey feel. The class sizes and overall campus is small, making it easier to fit in. Loras also has a lot of activities going on throughout the year, such as trips to 6 Flags and the Kalahari Resort. Also, there are a lot of groups on campus that serve a variety of interests.


The reason I chose to attend Loras College was because I felt as though I was becoming part of a family, not just an academic institution. I think that is something that sets Loras apart from other schools. There is a strong sense of community that I did not get from other schools I visited. Loras College is a place where I am a name and a face with a personality, not a number.


What is really nice about Loras College is the amount of students in each classroom. I only have two classes that I do not know most of the people in them. This makes it much easier to present and talk aloud in class. It also allows me to get to know everyone and their interest at Loras.


Loras college uniqueness is much different when compared to other schools that I have considered. I enjoy the atmosphere and the ability to be involved in campus activities and sports. The campus is a friendly enviroment which cares about your education and future plans. Be more, Be Loras.


The student body is very close. Even though we are a small school there is always a ton of stuff going on socially. Also, Dubuque is a great location.


This school lets you have personal time with your teacher if you really need it. The people here are so nice and ready to help whenver you need it. Also we people from Colombia, Nepal, Ethiopia and other great places to make dubuque a better and diverse place. This school lets you build your spiritual life if you're into that. For a small town there is a lot to do even if McDonalds is a couple of miles away!


Loras College has a very welcoming environment. When I looked at larger schools i simply felt like a number. However, when I attend Loras I feel like an individual. My teachers are able to give all of their students individual attention and help them outside of class as well. Another unique thing about my college is that it is a Catholic college. My faith is very important to me so once I found that out about Loras my decision was easy; Loras was the place for me.


Loras has a faith-based cirriculum, making each student take religious classes as part of their education package. It's also a smaller school, which is great, and it's in a growing city, which is fairly small compared to other cities in Iowa. There's also great athletic teams and many extra-cirriculars on weekends, which allows for stuff to do--other than party!


The small class sizes and the beautiful landscape.


Smaller, offered more financial aid/scholarships, very student focused, professors really care about you being there and doing well.


My school has a large campus ministry and faith based community. This group of people has allowed me to grow as a person by experiencing things that I never had access to before, such as service trips, bible studies and people of different beliefs. These opportunities have allowed me to grow and become a more mature and open person. The same opportunities have led me to great friendships that might not have happened any other way.


beautiful and close to home