Loras College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who is sociable, resourceful, hard working, and open minded should attend Loras. Loras is a smaller school that has a close community. Students from countless backgrounds and even nations attend school here. A student at Loras needs to be sociable and open minded because they could encounter classmates from 5 different nations and end up with international friends. A student needs to be hard working and resourceful because Loras is a liberal arts college and the curriculum is not always easy nor is it always interesting to a particular individual. You have to make it fun for you.


Someone who enjoys knowing a lot of people at their school. This person should enjoy walking outdoors. Another thing is knowing your professor on a person level. You get to know Professors really quickly and they really care about what is going on in your life both at school as well as back home.


anyone who is willing to work hard and earn a good education.


any person!


Someone who appreciates a city of 60,000 and wants to be pushed out of his or her comfort zone to become the best version of theirselves.


Anyone wanting to receive a good, lifelong education should consider attending Loras College. If you are serious about getting an education for your money and making lifelong friends, you should definitely attend Loras!


Catholic (social justice types), people who love Iowa and the midwest, large numbers from Chicago Suburbs, people interested in being part of a growing community.


One that is driven high - very high cruves, need to seek help as help is only if you ask.


There are many types of people who would profit from attending this school. It is a small Catholic liberal arts school, so anyone who wants any of those features should think about attending. Catholicism is an extremely strong thing here, so they should keep that in mind when making choices.