Loras College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Loras College?


Loras is a very open place with many kinds of students which means almost anyone can find a place here. However, someone who is self-centered would not thrive here. Loras has students of varying races, sexualities, and most of the organizations fight for those less fortunate than their members. Many of the organizations also involve a lot of community service. Loras promotes a community of caring and helpful individuals who would help one another in any way possible. Therefore, someone self-centered would not realize the needs of others let alone try to help them.


A person who doesn't want to be involved in the campus community shouldn't attend this school. Loras expects students to give their best and provide them platforms to deliver that, as well as encouraging them to make their own in order to make the campus and the community a better place. This college is a small, close-knit group of people who want to build each other up and if you don't want to be a part of that, you should look elsewhere.


Loras is a very friendly and open campus. I don't not believe there is a certain type that won't be welcome however there are very few African Americans on campus.


The kind of person that would not attend the school I go to would be someone that likes big schools with lots of people. My college is a small liberal arts college in Iowa. Here you get to really know people and what is happening around camps and then on the weekend campus is a ghost town. So if you life a busy and high involved campus with lots to do on the weekend then my school is not for you.


If you're all about partying, this isn't the school for you. The majority of the students at Loras take academics seriously, and while the we're an active and social campus, debauchery generally isn't our style.


A lazy, potential-to-be-dangerous to others, law breaker ,and/or does not care for others nor school in general type of person should not attend this school.


I believe anyone and everyone could attend this college if they tried. But some people that may not like knowing everyone or the high school feel it sometimes has.


Anyone who is not movitvated. And people who dont like to go to class, because they expect you in class everyday. The numbers are small so they can always tell who is there and who is not.


There is not a single person who shouldn't go to Loras College- if one does not like an environment that fosters creativity, fellowship, hard work, morality or friendship, he may not want to attend Loras. Academically, one who is not serious about his education and has little personal drive might suffer due to the expectations of the students who study at Loras College.


Those who are looking for a specific social atmosphere will find that the majority of the students fall into two categories, those who party and those who are conservative Catholics. Not a lot of middle ground.