Loras College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Something that is very frustrating is having things conflict with each other. I will need to work, but I also have homework due or an important meeting to go to. It is sometimes difficult to get everything accomplished, but I manage to push through the problems and get everything done.


The most frustrating thing about my school for most students is class registration. With Loras being a smaller school, there are not an abundance of professors and classes. The numbers are limited to sign up for classes, especially when it comes to required courses. Many students get frustrated by this when it comes to registration time and worrying about graduating on time.


At times I worry that becaues Loras does not have my exact major or program that it will hurt my chances at competing against students from other schools that did. However, I am taking this as a personal incentive to work harder to achieve what I want and I know that my professors and advisor are supporting me along the way.


There really hasn't been anything frustrating. I like to campus, professors, and the students.


The most frustrating thing about this school is it is located in the bustling city of Dubuque, which is much more active and noisy than where I am used to, the country outside of a small town.


timing of breaks


Sometimes it can be frustrating thing about my school is that not all classes are offered in the fall or spring time. So when it comes time to sign up for classes then you have to make sure to take a class you need because the next time around it may not be there for you to take the next semester. That can be frustrating at my school.


The bookstore is a complete ripoff. And buying a meal plan if you do not live on campus is not a good idea.


This first year as a freshman, it seems like it is a "suitcase" school where a lot of kids go home on weekends. I myself live over 3 hours away so am here on weekends and the dorm seems pretty deserted.


General Education courses seem to be over-bearing and not important to professors.


The administration doesn't always know what is best for the science departments. Its hard at times to get business orientated individuals to think like scientists.