Loras College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


That I should not be as stressed as I had been, and that I would be able to make new friends, meet amazing people, be invovled in activities, and also keep my grades up all fairly easily. I also wish I had known to not fuss over my future major, or my future career, because there will be plenty of time to figure that all out. I wish I had known that it would all work out.


Upon coming to Loras College I wish I knew what I wanted to major in. Since I was unaware of my major I had a late state on my required classes. I would of loved to study abroad, but my schedule does not fit that in.


Loras College seems to act more like business and doesn't seem to care much about students like me who didn't have much of a background in my field of study and also my finanical status


I wish I had known not to worry about not knowing anybody here. I was the only person from my high school that ended up going ot Loras, and I found a solid group of people to hang around with in a very short amount of time. I'm also kind of a shy guy; I don't really put myself out there that much, but I found a great group of people really quick here. Loras has some very good people that attend it.


I love Loras College, but I wish I would have known that the tution was going to increase so much. It is a huge blow to my family's buget.


One thing that I wish I knew before coming to Loras college is what organizations Loras has to offer. Meaning what programs they had to offer to me that fit my future plans and help me to get into Med school.


That it takes a lot of time doing work even on the weekends. Also being better at time mangment.


I wish I had known how much there was to get involved in around campus. It took me awhile to find everthing that I could be involved in. Now that I am a junior at Loras I can see just how much there is to do around campus and how many opportunities there are for students here to be active in anything they want.


I wish I would have known how financially strapping it is. It is a very good school, but the combination of tuition, living, books, and meals is really hard to keep up with at times. I have a very busy schedule, and have a part time job in the fall semester. However in the spring during baseball things get very difficult.


I wish I had known that bookstore prices for books are extremely expensive and not worth buying them there and that you get practically nothing when you sell them back.


Nothing really came as a suprise to me. One thing I guess that was quite different from high school was the amount of reaidng you have to complete for classes.


I wish I would have known more of the professors and eactly what i wanted to do in life.


How difficult it is to get out of here in 4 years, I will need to go here for another year.


This school is very good at getting you internships and campus/community jobs that are good for your career.


Nothing that I didn't already know.


Nothing, everyone helped me adjust Great!!


I wish I had known that the cheerleading squad was more of a club than a varsity sport.


It's hard, that's known, just keep your head up and stay strong. There are people here to talk to if you need it, counslers and advisors alike, the teachers are nicer than you could guess and it's easy to make friends - I have life-long friends met the first days of classes. Giving a list of what I'd wish I'd known coming here won't help you. You'll learn as you go and when you fall, there's always someone to help you get back on your feet and keep going.


I wish I'd known what major I wanted to be before I got here.


Through the orientations and visits I was presented with everything I wanted to know. I was never left out in the dark when it came to learning about this school and what it had to offer.


That you have to either have so many amount of credits or be 21 years or older to be able to move off campus.