Loras College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Loras College is the small size. Everyone here shares similar values. You get to know a lot of the student population, get to class in a shorter time and distance than you would at a larger university, and get individualized attention from the instructors. You aren't just a number here. Your classmates and professors know who you are and because of that, you have to be accountable.


The people. Everyone is fun and nice. The teachers are also always there to assist you. The campus makes it simpler to get the help you need.


The best thing about Loras would definatly be the availablity to make friends. People at this school are very friendly and I became friends quickly with people that have similar interests as me. Living in the dorms helped with this because I was able to interact with the people I lived near as well as others in the building when there dorm faciliated activities.


I would say the best thing about Loras college is that Loras has a high percentage for students that get accepted in grad school. Loras College also is really good with their academics. Also, Loras College has a lot of progams for students to get involved with, once the students find the programs.


One of the best things about my school is how available everything is. Whether it is setting up meetings with faculty and staff or needing to utilize resources on campus. Everything is right at your fingertips. This makes it very easy to be successful at Loras College. Loras also involves the surrounding community and welcomes it into the college community. This allows students to meet others in their future professions.


The friendly and caring comunity. All the students at Loras are unique, but everyone is friendly to everyone else, and with a wide variety of activities to get involved in, everyone can find their niche. There are always resources available when you need help and caring people to point you to them.


The best thing about Loras is the level of faculty interaction. At Loras class sizes hardly exceed 25 students. Professors at Loras are always more than willing to help students if they have any sort of problem with the class. They are also not afraid to go beyond the text for the course and often provide real-world examples of applying what we are learning in class. All professors have office hours which are made to be very convienient for students which allows for greater learning.


The best thing about Loras college is that it fits me perfectly. In Dubuque Iowa less than one half hour from home. The feeling I get on campus is that I am in the right place in my life. I am able to place baseball, take part in clubs, play baseball, and still major in Business and Sports Manegement. Its a perfect college fit, where everything feels right on a small college environment.


I love that it is a small school and I get such a strong sense that I am part of a family there! I almost consider it to be a home away from home. There are also so many things to get involved in and to be a part of on campus. Sometimes the work is hard, but I have learned so much in the semester that iI have been there! Not only that, I love the people that go there and the profesors that teach.


Loras is small and I love it. I can walk throughout campus and meet tons of people I know. I always feel welcomed in my classes because my classmates and professors know my name and to them I am a friend instead or just a familiar face.


The best thing about my school is the community. There are small class sizes, great faith support for people of any religion, and the friends I've made are some of the closest people I've ever had in my life. I'm a media studies major, and the resources that have been made available to us are well above average for a school our size.


The faculty, staff, students, and friends at Loras is a major component of the overall excellence of the school. It's difficult to pinpoint one "best part," because so many things collaborate to create a truly great college experience, such as academic excellence, a sense of community, and activities on campus. What makes these things great, however, is the group of people involved.


The best thing about my school is the community atmosphere. On this campus, it seems as though everywhere you go, you recieve a friendly "hello" from someone. Also, when there are big group things such as dance marathon, the entire school tries to get involved.


The best thing about my school is that it is very welcoming. No matter what your background is or where you come from Loras welcomes you with open arms. They are also very accomadating if something comes up. Overall Loras is a very welcoming place that will do anything to help its students have a successful college experience.


Its a laptop campus so everyone has laptops and wireless internet is available almost anywhere.


The great help from all of the advisors, professors, and financial aid office. Many people are very friendly which makes it easy to make friends. I love that it has small class sizes in order to interact with the professors better.


The size is relatively small but there is a community atmostphere and everyone pulls for eachother. Easy to make freinds and get to know the teachers.


The community. The Loras Community is the strongest and most supportive community I have ever been a part of. Beyond simply relationships between students are community extends to include faculty, staff and even alumni. No where else in the world will you find a community as unique as the one found on this campus.


Loras offers amazing financial aid. It's one of the main things that attracts perspective students.


Close to home - family very important