Lord Fairfax Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for being very small (it's actually the Warrenton, Virginia Lord Fairfax campus, but it wasn't listed so I put the main campus in Middletown). It's also located right next to a dump.


Lord Fairfax is best know for being a small-town school with conservative values, and for attempting to jump start the jobs market in the greater Frederick County/Northern Shenandoah Valley area.


Lord Fairfax Community College is known as a starting point. When new students walk in, they don't typically plan on this being their only college experience. The college is a great place to get a few basic classes out of the way before going to another, more expensive, college.


Lord Fairfax Community College is best known for its friendly atmosphere and the way it helps prepare students who are looking to go to a 4-year college by saving money and allowing them to earn a higher GPA. It also prepares its students for the larger classes of Universities by allowing them to become familiar with average class sizes first. It is an excellent choice to begin your college career with, reducing the concern of being overwhelmed.

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