Lord Fairfax Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I would brag about how little the classrooms are and how friendly the staff and students are to each other. It isnt like high school where you have to go through tons of people to get your classes changed or perminate seats you are able to drop or add classes as you wish and you can sit where ever you dont have many attendance rules its usually a pass or fail so i really like going to college and i dont have anything bad to say about it i always have a good expierence.


When I talk about Lord Fairfax Community College I talk about their dual-enrollment program. I was able to complete high school and, at the same time, take a couple of college classes at the same time. I now have all of my basic classes done as well as a few more difficult classes. Basically, Lord Fairfax allowed me to get a head start on college. I like to tell my friends that I have one less year of college to left complete than they do.

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