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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I dont know if i would really give any advice i would say that even though you dont have many friends in high school and you arent always picked first in gym class and you dont talk to many people you arent considered popular none of that will matter in college. College is a bunch of people comming and going you arent there at a set time every morning to every afternoon unless you yourself plans it to be that way. If you have a class with a bunch of people you dont get along with you are able to drop that class and switch into another you dont have to put up with the ignorant people in college.


I would tell myself to break up with that idiot who constantly tries to control you and become your own woman. I would tell myself to stop being afraid of speaking out in class, of dressing the way you're comfortable with, and being who you am. I would say that not a single bit of the hateful words your classmates have said can follow you to where you're going. I would have told myself to remember who your family and friends are and to protect them. I would sing Hakuna Matata with myself one of us would do the high part and the other the low part, and the harmony would be perfect. I would tell myself that just because you can't afford to go to George Mason or James Madison University doesn't mean you aren't good enough, and it certainly doesn't mean you're stupid or imperfect. I woud say community college IS real college, and that I should be prepared to learn many new things. I would say that everything will be fine, don't sweat the little things, and prepare to be amazed with life.


As a college sohpmore--going on junior--I look back on my senior year self fondly, but recognize that I was clueless when it comes to college. I had little idea what it would be like, how much I'd need to study, or even where I wanted to go. Now, I realize all of these things and more. If I could go back and see my senior-aged self, I would first tell her to relax, and that "It all happens for a reason." After not being accepted into the only school I really wanted to attend, I was stuck, and couldn't figure out what to door where to go next because that school was the only thingI could think of. Next, I'd tell her that college is better. People don't bully you as much, and there are more fun small moments to appreciate in day to day life. Lastly, I'd tell her to prioritize. That has been the most helpful strategy for me when I get overwhelmed with things to do. This doesn't mean that I am perfect or ge teverything done, but I know the important things can alwaysbe accomplished. .


I would make sure to decide what I want to do with my life and as a career as soon as possible in order to take the right courses and not waste time or money.


The right way is never easy, but the easy way is never right. If something seems too good to be true, chances are it is. You need to do everything to the best of your ability. You’ll regret all of those chapters you crammed at the last minute and don’t remember any more. You need to get yourself in the habits required to succeed in college, and retaining information and solving problems are the most essential skills. Start early. Keeping your head above the water of stress and deadlines is a lot easier when you have some room to swim. If you don’t look into things early on, one day you’ll wake up and discover that everything is at its due date at once. Know where you are, what’s going on, and what needs to be done at all times. Most importantly, don’t be afraid. Change is scary, and that’s entirely natural. Admitting that there are things you don’t know is the most important part to growing in any way, and embrace change with open arms no matter how terrifying it may be. You will succeed. Don’t ever doubt that.


Dear High School Self, Please don't hesitate to start your college education right away. I realize that you may want a break or a year off from school prior to starting your college education. A lot can happen in a years time that may prevent you from attending college. The sooner you begin your education the sooner you will graduate and attain your degree.


I was a high school senior when I started my first job. I also started taking college classes through an online dual-enrollment program. The next semester I was taking classes at the local community college. The year turned into craziness. I had no time to do anything I wanted to do. Now that I have graduated, I look back and wish I could have that year back. If I could talk to myself then, I would tell myself to "take your time." As I work thirty hours a week, and take sixteen credit hours at Lord Fairfax community college, I am already realizing how quickly I will be done with college-and that's three years from now. Slow down, hang out with your friends more, don't work every extra minute you have, take one less class... plenty more could follow. There will be time for work later. Enjoy the time that you have--you won't get it back.


I actually would not have any advice to give myself. I like the way i have turned out and what i have done to choose my cereer. The first two years of college i wanted to be an accountent but after trying that for awhile i decided to change my degree to teaching because i realised how much fun the teachers were having trying to teach us that i wanted to do the same. If i had done my life different then i do not think i would have realised what i actually want to do and what makes me happy. So all in all i would not tell myself anything.


First off i would tell myself to take a breath and to slow down, and remind myself that I am 16/17 years old and have plenty of time to be a mature adult. I would tell myself to go to a party with some friends and just loosen up. I would tell myself that mistakes are okay that they are apart of life and who you are. Also, not to plan to far ahead because things change, and to make my decisions based on what I want not on what others want or expect from me. Yet at the same time I would tell myself to be responsibile that there is a time and place for everything. I would tell myself to stay focused and determined, so that i may achieve my goal. I would advise myself to take advice from those close to me to insure that I make a wise and smart decision. Most of all I would advise myself to just be me, to laugh, have fun and achieve my goals.


Although I really like the atmosphere at Lord Fairfax, I wish that I would have gone away to school as I had originally planned. You do not get to experience the full college life when attending a community college, however it also saves you from getting in too deep since you are still living at home and are not as independent as the normal college student. If I could go back in time, I would have told myself that I needed to get away from my home town and see what else is out there. I love meeting new people and I feel that if I had gone to a University I could have made many new friends, however I have met some new friends while I have been at LFCC and I am thankful for that. I also would have been more strict on myself and taken more challenging classes as a senior instead of just taking it easy, waiting for graduation to come around; not that I was a slacker, but I could have done more to get ahead in my Freshmen year of college. Overall, I should have sat down and planned everything out better.

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